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my favorite sports are comics and public intoxication
PSA everybody! the bad news - as you have noticed - is that between finishing school and job hunting, chapter III has been rather delayed. the good news is that now that i am fully employed i can get back to focusing my energy on black prism instead of on encroaching student loans. woo! here is a snippet of the chapter III cover. stick around.
that's a wrap for this chapter, kids. chapter 3 will be coming up soon so stick around.
@eishiya: haha i don't know! i guess i like to let pages speak for themselves. do comment though, i like comments.

i meant to caption this one when i queued it up actually, erp...
@eishiya: aw shit thanks!
@eishiya: be my guest pal
@eishiya: ack, thanks! no amount of proofreading can save me.
decided to post a mirror here as well as tapastic/tumblr. here we gooo