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My name is Alex Oshrin. But on the internet I like to go by Dapuffster. I'm 24 years old and I'm a cartoonist having graduated with a bachelors degree in Animation/Illustration. I like making Pokemon OCs and roleplaying with them. I'm also a veteran competitive Super Smash Bros player. Putting together my love for both fighting games and art, I have created a webcomic known as Champions of The Melting Pot. Please consider reading it!
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I wonder what hurt more? Jack landing on his back like that, or losing his chance to defeat the final boss.
AH! There's the fox we were all looking for. It took a couple of pages, but there's Jack!
And off the IGSF invitation goes! Doesn't seem like Wyatt and his family are interested in it at all. I wonder where it will end up next...
@Neolancer: Not quite! It's a Fox world. It just cameos two Pokemon OCs that belong to me and the friend that is currently drawing this chapter
For context, Wyatt had shown up in the Dragon Ball Multiverse comic had got himself mind controlled by Babidi (Chapter 49). He has pretty bad luck at tournaments...
It's Wyatt, Annabelle, and Ivan?!? I thought this was a Chapter about Jack.
Seems like Jack lives in a world of all Foxes. Hey wait a minute, does that shadow'd figure look familiar to you?
@Triforce Fandom : Whaddya mean exactly? The artwork is right there haha. Also the artist of said work is credited in the description
This is a special chapter that was drawn by Dreamingmystic over at deviantArt! We'll get to see how Jack found originally found his way to the IGSF!

NOTE: For at least this chapter, the comic will be reducing it's uploading schedule to only Tuesdays and Fridays! There will no longer be Sunday pages for the time being! Sorry for the inconvenience! I need a small break after 3 years, haha.
Whoever this is, it seems like we'll be seeing them in the near future!

NOTE: This concludes the first season of CoTMP! Next chapter will be a bit of an intermission that focuses on Jack's origin story!
There's Amaranth's gravestone... but wait, who is that?!?
@Huntered45: Can't answer that for ya! You need to think of what may happened by yourself. No spoilers!
There's the big question on everyone's mind. Just how did Amaranth die? You're not supposed to be able to die here...
This must be very hard for Sierra. Amaranth had told her not to worry about it, too.
This is hard to watch...
This just keeps getting worse and worse...
Looks like somebody is approaching...
Based on Jack's reaction, this can't be good...