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My name is Alex Oshrin. But on the internet I like to go by Dapuffster. I'm 24 years old and I'm a cartoonist having graduated with a bachelors degree in Animation/Illustration. I like making Pokemon OCs and roleplaying with them. I'm also a veteran competitive Super Smash Bros player. Putting together my love for both fighting games and art, I have created a webcomic known as Champions of The Melting Pot. Please consider reading it!
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The Robotic Mage, "Barlock" appears! Fun fact, his first appearance in the webcomic was all the way back on Page 72!
Guess we'll just have to brush this whole Hiro thing aside for now. Onto the next new fighter I suppose?
For those who don't know what a Deuteragonist is, they're basically the second most important character, behind the protagonist. You could basically consider them as a secondary protagonist. So in short, the IGSF decided to keep Hiro, despite selecting Xero as the Protagonist.
Look at him go, he's on a roll with stabbing these protagonists.
Oh no... it's this guy again!!!
He has accomplished his lifelong dream uwu
LMAO Sierra, you're gonna have to hold the L on that one.
We're here at the conference room now! To give you a heads up, there will be a total of 12 fighters!
So far we have Xero, Jack, and Celeborn... who will the other 9 be?
Okay Sierra, you're tryin a lil too hard on the shipping thing here.
Please do explain, Sierra.
This can't end well.
A new chapter, a new day. Sierra is here to wake you up!
It's time to find out who's made it into the final roster! This should be interesting!
Seems like everything went back to normal in the end. Onwards to the next chapter!
Ah yes, there's the Jack that we know. Should we really be that surprised?
It worked! Xero's not going anywhere. Horrah!
Oh my... Jack. You're willing to put your own job on the line, just for Xero?!?
Oof. Mr. Cooper just laid it pretty hard on Xero.
Well that's... odd. There's a fox version of Mr. Cooper as well? Or are they different people.. or what?