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My name is Alex Oshrin. But on the internet I like to go by Dapuffster. I'm 24 years old and I'm a cartoonist having graduated with a bachelors degree in Animation/Illustration. I like making Pokemon OCs and roleplaying with them. I'm also a veteran competitive Super Smash Bros player. Putting together my love for both fighting games and art, I have created a webcomic known as Champions of The Melting Pot. Please consider reading it!
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Despite losing, Xero is okay! He just need some soda to wake up.
DING DING DING! Jack is the winner! With a perfect, no less.
Here's the big countdown!
And off he goes! Guess we're about to see an explosive ending very soon!
Oh no! Looks like Jack's Ultimate attack has connected! This.... this doesn't look good for Xero.
Oh wow, everything's gotten pretty serious! Seems like Jack isn't going to toy around anymore... did he catch Xero with his Ultimate attack?
As long as Xero still has HP, the fight isn't over...
Jack punched him right into the bomb! This is probably going to end up being a damaging combo...
OOF! Gotta watch out for Jack also! The bomb isn't the only thing you have to worry about!
I mean, it MIGHT have worked? But is that something Xero is willing to gamble at? Nah, let's stick to just blocking it for now.
It's that attack again! Does Xero remember how you're supposed to block it?
Talk about a big explosion, that hurt Xero pretty badly.
Jack's taunt has an active hitbox on his tail! Of course that sleazeball would have one...
Oh yeah.. and it's also an explosive.
OOF. Smacked right in the face by the tail.
Ah yes, Super Land Bro for the Nendo Game Buddy. That's what I grew up playing as a kid.
@zeta beta: Unfortunately I don't have a server of my own. However, if demand for it is high enough to warrant one, I'll consider it!
The Semi-Finals begin! Jack vs Xero? Who do you think will win?
Jack is nervous, but he manages to compile himself and get back to being the confident guy that he is.
Jack seems confident that he can win, but... can he really control the wacky ability that is plot armor for the Protagonist? Xero really could just pull out a sudden victory again, like he did against Celeborn.
Oh no... Jack is aware of Xero's plot armor. This might not be good for him.