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My name is Alex Oshrin. But on the internet I like to go by Dapuffster. I'm 24 years old and I'm a cartoonist having graduated with a bachelors degree in Animation/Illustration. I like making Pokemon OCs and roleplaying with them. I'm also a veteran competitive Super Smash Bros player. Putting together my love for both fighting games and art, I have created a webcomic known as Champions of The Melting Pot. Please consider reading it!
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Y'know now that Celeborn mentions it...
@Triforce Fandom : thank you very much!!!
Oops, Hiro seems to have glanced right over their location!
Man, he's getting really worked up about this.
Hiro is not used to having a second protagonist around. He wants to be the latest! As any protagonist should be!
Right on cue, with the toast in his mouth and everything!
Amaranth filming her part of the anime intro sequence, and not surprisingly... everyone is swooning.
@Triforce Fandom : actually, he can! The fighters can change up their moveset a bit inbetween tournaments.
Looks like we're not quite done changing up Xero's appearance.
I think Xero would have preferred the dress if he knew this is what Jack had in mind.
@Triforce Fandom : spendin time with the family of course!
@Triforce Fandom : actually there isn't gonna be an animation for this haha. Maybe in the far future tho!
Some of the fanbase may disagree with you on that one, Jack.
We should know by now to not trust Jack...
Time for lots of running, turn around shots, and other silly anime things! Subarashī!
Didn't see that one coming! Guess we're makin an anime opening for this game now.
That's the guy we've been hearing over the speakers the entire time! All the way dating back to Chapter 1.
Somethings coming...