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My name is Alex Oshrin. But on the internet I like to go by Dapuffster. I'm 24 years old and I'm a cartoonist having graduated with a bachelors degree in Animation/Illustration. I like making Pokemon OCs and roleplaying with them. I'm also a veteran competitive Super Smash Bros player. Putting together my love for both fighting games and art, I have created a webcomic known as Champions of The Melting Pot. Please consider reading it!
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Jack does NOT like the idea of being this guy's sidekick.
He's got an original backstory as well!
Hiro the... Protagonist? W-what?!?
Okay, whoever you are, you need to go. Like right now.
Putting on an act I see. Guess Jack doesn't want to let the others know where he's going to.
What's this now? I wonder why Mr. Cooper is texting Jack specifically about this...
Girl, you got some big soda problems.
Seems like the situation was okay after all! More hugs from Sierra!
Both Jack and Amaranth are staring at one another, will they still get along?
That's a good boy, Xero. Help your buddy up.
Amaranth has officially won the tournament! Incoming tackle hug!
Ding Ding Ding! With the final blow connecting, the battle is over!
An elegant finish to the battle indeed! Just one more hit to go...
A fury of sword slashes come out of nowhere! Seems like we now know who got the last hit in.
Argh! Interrupted by a new chapter! Place your final bets people... the winner is bound to be declared soon!
The smoke has cleared and the two fighters are still standing! I feel like somebody still has one last trick up their sleeve to win this tournament.
A giant explosion! Did Jack seal his victory?
Gotem with the fakeout!
She saw right through that one! No more noodle shenanigans from Jack.