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I am a German student, currently working towards my A-Levels. I like webcomics and video games. Also, I collect Manga and some Graphic Novels.
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Welp, I know what I am adding to my reading list.
Thank you - it is really nice knowing one person likes what I do. ^^
August 26th, 2018
I do not know what this is, but I love it, it owns me now, and I want you to know that it's your fault for making this.
I read through all of these to this one, and I would like to thank you for this. All of this. These strips made and make so laugh so much.
Next week there won't be any update due to birthday - mine. ^^

And from the week after the next, there will be only one update per week because Uni is getting closer again.

Also, once more to my readers: Thank you very much for the support. I hope you will like what happens next. ^^
@VothnThorvaldson: Thanks, this is just the beginning. ΓΌ
Thank you so much for the nice words. ^^
I hope this comic will hold your attention in the future as well.
With this page, I would like to remind all of my readers - yes, all one you - that this comic is also a learning experience for me.
I tried something different with the look of this page. Not sure how much I like it, but well. Trying goes above studying, amiright?
This indicates the real beginning of the story! Today, have this picture to celebrate. ^^ Next time, the comic will be continued!

Translation of the Text:

Yet after the loving years
it became apparent: No one's enemy was
more mighty than the time
that for ever pulls and picks
and sinks my eternal love for
She [time, it's female in German] plucks on everything,
which remained for me from you.
Takes it from me.
Never do I want to forget you.
@LifeApathy: I'm loving this comment.
Oh no, he's hot.
My body is ready.
Bring it on!
I love how he is waving out of the panel. Meta af.
Is he sniffing his hair in the fifth panel?
Well, if that isn't a position great for flirting, I don't know what is.
GaaawwwWWWdd! They are both so adorable!
I think Daniel's hot.
Arco, no. Don't doubt the little crouton.
Meta shipping
Interesting, how I thought about Link x Pit shortly before reading this. Q3Q