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Hi, I am Luigi Mario, and I created this account for sprite comics and ect.
I hope you enjoy.
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    Luigi Mario
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-insert author comment here-
The backstory....wait isn't that the name of this comic page? Oh crap, I am going to go bungee jumping off a cliff...
Run! F***ing run! XD
Oh crap, now Luigi Mario owes Jason now.
Oh god, Dark Mario was behind popping Cam out of the fridge dimension...
Luigi Mario and Cam meet King Porkchop in the fridge dimension. But where in the fridge dimension?
at this point I knew, I f***ed up.
I wonder who is watching? Find out next time.
Yey. :D My real first sprite comic on smackjeeves!
-snaps finger- noice
Lol, clone jokes. XD
The guests stars of my comic series. Mario and Luigi. :D
Reference to a Michel Bay movie! XD
First time.
Wow. A first sprite comic. :D