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i just wanna read!
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hey pinkeevee? are you really just a pink eevee or like... an evolution of an eevee? also can you actually put you (the pink eevee) in the actuall comic?
also, is it possible that you could do a small drawing of a buizel that i could use for a profile pic? that would be AMAZING.
please do some more actual drawings. in my opinion, your drawings are perfect!
comic suggestion
you are on computer
dad: do chores
you: mhm
dad: feed cat
you: mhm
dad: then get of computer!
@rym218: are you gonna continue on pmd:al? or is it bad that i brought it up? plz dont hate me now....
@42Meep: he's right! uhhh... is this page supposed to be a cliff hanger then?
@LKWayvern: uhhhh.... i dont see a SINGLE reference to pmd:rr. lkwayvern you know me cause of the thing i pointed out on pmd:rr right?
i now have a real account (i was guest lest message).
do you have some sort of due date for the next page? i really like this comic!