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Interests include comic strips (I draw 2: "MONEY TALKS:the Web Comic" and "Square & Compasses", and read a humungous number of them), Freemasons, poetry (webmaster for the Masonic Poets Society), cryptic crossword puzzles (both working and composing them), geocaching, Science Fiction, Braille...

Before I lost my hearing, I was also involved in Toastmasters, SCA, D&D, Theater (acting & directing), storytelling, Lions Clubs.
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    Owen Lorion
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The specific paper was "Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller." A full list of the IgNobel Awards is at ill-their-coffee/
Was uploading next Saturday's comic, and discovered last Saturday's installment was missing. I don't know what the problem was, but here it is, a bit belated.
Burned out on coins for a little bit, so starting a series of bumper stickers while I recharge.
Why the attitude?
I did get discouraged, and quit for a couple years, until a lodge newsletter picked the strip up. I'm greatly disappointed that neither of my strips generate many followers nor comments. But for this one, at least, the target audience is very restricted, so the forty or so people who view it every week (plus about as many more on a mailing list) are enough to make it (barely) worthwhile. After all, I'm doing it for my own satisfaction, not to get rich. And I do really appreciate people like you who give me special encouragement by being fans!
Been a while since they've shown up, so let me re-introduce Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar.
Would you be interested in seeing more scenes from this series here in the future, or should I just ignore it from here on?
Ending vacation
My apologies for the unannounced break for the past week+, as burn-out forced a short vacation from the strip. But I'm back now, and the next couple strips are already in the queue.
Please check!
I do hope someone with a smartphone will check these QRs to verify that they read correctly.
Ben Franklin & René Descartes
Benjamin Franklin & Marie Curie
Ben Franklin and P.T.Barnum
Late strips
My apologies, the strips were late Monday and today, for no reason except my negligence. The delayed strips are now up and backdated. Your forgiveness is solicited.
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Since the link in the comic isn't clickable, here it is
I hope some of you are also enjoying my other strip, Square & Compasses, at . It's aimed at Freemasons, but most would probably be funny to non-Masons as well.

Also, I'd welcome your comments and ratings on any of my comics.
I hope most of you are also enjoying my other comic strip, Money Talks, at . I'd also invite your comments and ratings on these strips.
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That URL in the footnote isn't clickable, so here it is as a link --
Rene Descartes speaking about a French sport. His accent is left to your imagination, but I do hope you're imagining it.
Since I'm so inclined to burn-out, I'm going to start out the new year by going to a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule, and try to be more regular about posting.
Leonardo daVinci seems appropriate to talk about a parachute sport.
Happy New Years!
The old year is dying, so this seemed an appropriate strip for today.