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I second the motion
I've been trying to puzzle out for myself for a long time now if he's just in her head, or disembodied somehow and actually real.
Darkmaster is doing a fantastic job of keeping the details in the shadows.
Laila contemplates the convenience of legs on stairs. HAaaaaa.
When you so stupid...
That you were literally just warned, and didn't bother to pay attention to it.

She literally JUST SAID, she likes word play, and he's not going to wonder, "maybe she's messing with me?" and pay attention closer to what she says?

Okay yeah, yeah, privileged knowledge of a third party observer, poor fool doesn't have a single reason to suspect his impending doom. But still... the clueless git doesn't doubt for a second that she might be consistent with "pretty girls are usually mean"?

He's all but invited her now. Time to watch the show! *gets some popcorn and a drink*
Because it's the only thing you can worship that gives consistent results~
Ha! remembered my username.
When I was typing the last comment, could have sworn I signed up for an account here. Remembered it!

A recent anime that came out on Netflix(fancy that!) actually would enjoy sitting in the same room as your comic for the things that happen, and just the general insanity toward the climax. Fits in nice for the topic of anime with weight to it as well! one [Devilman: Crybaby]. It's available on the internet for streaming as well for those who don't have netflix yet, *cough*me*cough*.

*cough* Might be about to just gush recent/old anime that I've liked for having emotional weight, or not drowning in 'the power of friendship' since we brought the topic up. After all, what's the point of enduring all the copy paste garbage that I do if I can't help point to the gems I find?

[Worlds End: Are you Busy?] Title is actually CRAZY long, but I liked this show for being misleading. It absolutely reads at face value as a 'love and friendship will fix everything' but that's Not How It Goes.

[Parasyte -the maxim-] Honorable mention for being a proper story that didn't get consumed by mindless body-horror, and it has strong characterization and character development arc for the main character.

[Shinsekai Yori] You wouldn't think it ends up being it, but it's horror themed. At the least, a lot of horror things happen in it. Kind of a Mind-Fuck anime.

[Ushio & Tora] Not the old one, that makes my eyes bleed, there was a newer re-release of what I guess is a very old show/manga. This is a nice example of how you can do all of the Shounen-genre things, but not be as mindlessly childish as say...Silver Guardian, or Another World Smartphone.

*cough* I'd never shut up if you let me, but I imagine this is long enough as is. The only thing I'd dare to call 'must see' is Devilman, if only because it turns out really well, especially since it seems to be really old source material they made it out of. I know the ending accelerates at exponential speeds and must skim at light speed from the source material, because just the little bits they show us tells me it must have been a long running manga.