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Cette page est vraiment classe *-*
I chose the name Eridan for him for a special reason, but can't tell more about it for now ~
I will explain when we know more about this character !
In this story, kids who go on an adventure have to keep studying, and have to take an exam each year. If they fail, they go back to school !
Education is important, right ? Even if I don't really like studying myself >w>
Oh my god I wasn't expecting this xDDD
Check out this page if you want to know which fonts I used for this comic :
I wanted to add some pixel stuff because this is how the original story was ... only pixels and no drawings ~ I will add more from time to time ! (The tiles used were made by myself, any similarities with other original tiles are unintentional)
Omg I love how you drew Falkner, I have a massive nosebleed right now
Eliann looked like a cool character but he's just an awkward friend
First cameo !
The boy in this page is a character I created for Latios09, the first person I started talking with when I created my Pokémon blog back in 2006. They included Peïsy, my main character in their story and it made me really happy. There will also be a second cameo in this chapter !
I just found about your comic and I'm in love with it. Can't wait for the next update n_n