I like gay webcomics like they are my shit! I like to read manga, watch anime,and read dem sexy Japanese light novels! I am a full-time Fujoshi and derp-man!
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@Rospez: Yeah Yea'. Oh my gawd! XD
If I don't see Kylee and Kim swing or line dance, I'll cry (just kidding). But seriously, I've been to my fair share of western clubs and if you can't swing or line dance, you might as well just stay home or go to a bar with a small dance floor. lol
My obsession with freckles, glasses, oral, piercings AND LINGERIE in one page. Bless these two and the artist for quenching my thirst for FIVE of my kinks. *currently bowing to the BL gods*
I've been looking at this comment for the last day and I laugh every single time! XD AHAHA
@ElectronicYaoi: Killing me softly with this work KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH THIS JOB *dem Sangwoo memes made me do it*
I literally just slammed my laptop shut so fucking hard. OMG THE STUCKY COSPLAY! ITS TOO MUCH FOR MY HOMOSEXUAL SOUL
I love Ellis but everytime I REALLY think hard about his appearance, I think of my dad as a teenager! THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME OMFG
@ElectronicYaoi: Don't worry, author. I'm okay, it's just my gay ass wants to beat the candy out of whomever did that to him. (wack punch kick)
*Tries to think about how many drinks*
And in that moment Gannet knew.. he fucked up.
(shit I love that meme, I had too.)
I hate when one of my babies has been hurt, it makes me so sad.
@Ralend: I couldn't agree more.
I absolutely LOVE slow burn comics, books, manga, you name it.. But even despite all that I want them to just do it SOO BAD!!!! AGHH I DON'T WANT WES -I know I'll probably end up liking him BUT THATS NOT THE POINT! HE'S INTERRUPTING MY PRECIOUS GAY THOUGHTS. I NEED THEM TO SURVIVE
I'm waiting for Wyatt to walk in and just be so jealous and then Aiden will run after him. Then they do it.. or they might just fight, a bit of crying from Wyatt and THEN they'll do it. I'm betting on the second one.
I literally just prayed to the lord for the Magikarp guy and Dracula with the dark eyes to get it on. I HAVE SINNED.. but honestly who the firetruck hasn't in this comment section. *wink wonk* (I'm still going to hell though)
My soul had departed.
Whoever gave him those scars... I ship them with fucking prison. (If it is a horrific accident I'm still mad because my baby was/is in pain.)
He looks hot without his glasses but all I can think is "wow he looks noice but this can't see!"
@kukkiia: Yes, I relate so much to the sin.