I like Pokémon, I'm awful at drawing, Decidueye is my favorite Pokémon,yeah.
Wagglytoof is a Wigglytuff
The main character is Wagglytoof
Its a comic
Clefable is a Clefable
Darren is blue
Wurgletungz is evil

Wagg Eastwood
I ain't waggly, I'm feeling Wagg
I got Dazzling Gleam, in a bag
I'm NU, but not for long,
The buffing, Is coming on
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    Murdoc Niccals
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@TacoMisaki (SuperBatachuEvan): there are no true fans when you have like 5 fans
@TheJGamer: you see that thing at the top of the strip with Wagglytoof and the comic's name? That
@TheJGamer: well actually I'm really lazy. But I decided to ask Wagglytoof to release a single.
Wagglytoof has released a single.
Link: . If ya guys like this, he might release an album.
@TheJGamer: too big, would need to dilate for smackjeeves for size limit
I've seen all the star wars(except rogue one) and they're GRATE
this might be a fun comic
@TacoMisaki (SuperBatachuEvan): no
Plus its not always sunny in Philadelphia
There was a storm a few days ago
Will JGame join team rocket? Find out on the next episode of Filthy Frank show
I appeared
Also the grey panel with the security guard got a good chuckle outta me
This is my new icon I guess
Pretty cool
@NeatoranMale: also
I've never tried ness, but I heard he's pretty cool