I don't like to talk about myself too much, but I'm just a guy who follows a few pokemon oriented webcomics on this website.
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....dear god it has been a while hasn't it. I honestly did not expect this to pop up in my notifications, ahahaha. The page itself isn't bad either, just not as smooth as they normally feel, although honestly I'm just glad to have another page. Anyway, good luck with everything on your end, and thank you for sticking with this even if the updates come quite sporadically. This is a great read/visual spectacle and we would love to see it through to the end :)
deep shit just keeps getting deeper..... does anyone in this universe know how to defuse a situation?
Bokura wanted chocolate, smh
Jen is going to get pulled in with Darkrai isn't she
Honestly surprised that Atty hasn't bought himself a gun after all the crazy shit that happens to him.
Okay dragonthing....feel free to show up any time now
The more you spend around someone, the better you get know them and understand their character. With Darkrai its the complete opposite. Everytime one of our questions about him gets answered, two more pop and take its place. Such a mysterious character.
Oh boy
I smell a mutiny.
Way to go green atty!
that chapter cover is amazing
stranger danger?
oh man that flashback was on point
hey this looks like its going to be a pretty good series
pretty worried about dragonthing, hope she's a-okay