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college girl that likes alot of thinks such as drawing, singing, roleplaying, witing books/poems, reading anime/manga.
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And this is one of the many reasons why I gave up on makeup all together, even if it makes me feel pretty, it's not worth the time it takes without a ctrl Z on the mirror.
last image, Taisuke looks like he has cat ears hehe owo
aww boo
Bummer this is over now...I know it was a short story, but the ending felt random and rushed XD and I'm just left going "wait what?" wanted to see more to the Drako character..oh well -claps- still enjoyed this story none the less.
going to be hard for me to tell who is who right away, but I'll deal (shouldn't be too hard, I hope hehe). I did like their anthro looks because it was different, but I wasn't reading the comic just because of the character designs XD I was in it for the characters/story/ and lovely artwork so it's all good ;3 And long as the story doesn't end in the middle of no where like so many other comics i've read in the past, I cant wait to see what happens next ^W^
August 9th, 2013
I was like "wow lineworks are so clean..wait...these pages are done on the computer." to be honest, I like them sketched out on the computer more ^^; but thats only cause I'm a digital artist lol. Be it on paper, or on computer, I like your work either way XD
*dies laughing*
LOL the ending was too perfect XDD
April 22nd, 2013
Oh my...
With the many comics I've read over the years... This is the first I think that made me tear up and make my heart sink.
You are all kinds of talent TwT
Say whaaa
Oh come on! My heart cant takes. XD
and, whaaaa, I thought doggy passed away oxo;
my heart skips a beat lately everytime I see a new update. I'm just like neeeeh T_T whyyyy. I dont enjoy reading sad comics, just like I dont like bad endings to movies. but I just, cant look away from this, I've been reading this far, cant turn back now. *bites me lip* mfff.
October 31st, 2012
Much Better!
I'm enjoying this set up a lot more then the original show by a long shot XD I just saw the ending today and was left with a bit of disappointment.

Cant wait to see what happens next here X3 hehe.
August 25th, 2009
BlackCatz@ I didn't mean it by not posting anymore XD...i mean it "Go me, not updating ever" like I hardly update anymore XD

So no worries, I'll just take forevers to post something XD like normal haha.
lol, I laughed so bad about this XD one day I should do one of these...but meh >:3

aw..poor dear fainted TwT;
August 25th, 2009
This is about me and my friend Rashianuu (internet name) back when we were younger playing beanie babies in my frontroom. She had turned her head to sneeze then suddenly turned back real fast and sneezed right in my face XD who knows how that happened this tail I don't know why she did that...rather she meant to or was a oops of not thinking...whatever Lol

on another note, lawl I'm so fail XD I lost a watcher :3 go me not updating ever XD
August 20th, 2009
look! a update :3
erm...ah...this is a comic…yeah -shifty eyes- really…
okay yeah it's not. it's the two first parts of a meme I made and filled out XD
you can see the whole meme here: CLICK TO SEE

only three people I know of filled it out. I thought it was a good Meme but either it's not or people are finally tired of Meme's...erm I'm going to say both XD oh well.

Anyways I did three of my Original Characters for my meme and it was fun :3 even if it took me ages to do. (kept putting if off like a bish)
Sorry this isn’t a real page. I have some great ideas but...god i'm so lazy to do the pages I'm so mad >:( I hope I don't forget the comic ideas or I'm going to be even more mad at myself along the line lol.
July 26th, 2009
Yeah….Sorry for not updating anything like...forever! I haven’t been drawing. Busy be and being down since another family member has passed away DX
Even Button is sad about it.
Anyways I do have ideas to comics I’m trying to muster into getting done XD till then….enjoy these sketches to Characters to another comic I hope to one day do XD and it’s a real comic not a bunch of shorts.
XD I was thinking something like this was going to happen because of the past page XD I was all -looks at her top- wtf DX cover up better missy! haha.
July 7th, 2009
SO that cute little purple thing is Bo, Franks unwanted new pet XD
And death pets mutate XD but it's rare for a pet to haunt someone. But since Frank is deaths helper he's trapped with a pet that doesn't want to pass on because it likes him too much for some reason XD haha.

poor frank.
July 7th, 2009
Just a drawing to past the time before I actually post a comic page that these two are in XD
enjoy till then. (will be up shortly today)
Sorry for no updates lately DX I can't think of any good comics right now T_T my bad -sniffles-'s a picture to show I'm still into this comic Owo; keh.

Lol XD the look on his face in the last panel is gold. In my head I can picture his eyes smoking yelling “ahh my retinas are burning!!!” XD or something -giggles-

Oh and another thing that should be said *points* BOOBS!

Anyways, =w= this comic is loved. Can’t wait to see what happens next -tail wag-

Ohh wow, at first I thought that was the mom XD till I read the small print =w= tehe. Funny.