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The update is delayed and there were only two pages left. Sorry about that, but that’s the entire last scene. See you next week for an Author’s Note and a Postmortem extra!:)
Final pages of Chapter 6 next week.:)
To Sol, Del Spaig, and those wondering,
Long reply:
We like people discussing about our stories in general, but this particular scene involves a certain knowledge which could already be familiar to a few and the last thing we want is someone posting, “Ah! I know this! He will--” as the pages progress and spoil it for others. As comic readers ourselves, we encounter some comic sites where the comments of the readers are directly beside the chapters (“I can’t believe she died!”) and whether we believe them or not, it still somehow affects our reading experience. We think our readers are fairly smart, they’re bound to hit something, so for now we request you to keep predictions to yourselves and just post an “I knew it all along!” after and we’ll believe you, totally. :)
Interestingly, we've asked the same thing on chapter 3 and everyone was kind enough to grant it, so we hope there won’t be a problem here.
Yep, it’s kinda weird, but that’s how we roll. Thanks for understanding.:)
It really is an old trick.
So to everyone, as much as we appreciate your comments, we request that you refrain from posting your speculations from here to the end of the chapter. Thank you.:)
Gallery update
Check out Shishi Beru's Secret Santa gift!:)
@Shishi Beru: Thank you!!!
Thank you for taking your time to make such a beautiful gift! I’m also happy that you like our webcomics.:) Is it alright if I save the image and add it in the gallery section?
Happy New Year!
Let’s all have a good 2014!
And thank you very much to Shishi Beru ( ) for being so nice and giving us a beautiful Secret Santa gift!:)
Wow! This is so pretty! Thank you so much, um… Secret Santa? Or is this already from a Gift Elf? Either way, I would really like to know who made it so I could thank them properly. Happy Holidays!:D
And following our update’s cheerful tone,
Have a Merry Christmas, Everyone!
New Fanart
If you go to the Gallery Section, you'll find another great fanart thanks to vdtitian:

Check out her profile and get to read her beautiful webcomics. :)
To Del Spaig: Thank you! Hope you still find it fun in the long run!:)

To Kikcac: Although we read all of the posts, sorry if we might have missed yours. We wonder if you changed your username…
Thank you for reading and commenting! :)
To vdtitian: Thank you for the high praise!
It’s only natural to want an increase in the number of fans and new readers would be nice, but we’ve always been especially grateful to the handful of those who have been consistently following us since we started this series. Compared to the popular titles, our fans are not a lot, but their support, in whatever form it may be, is everything to us.
We truly appreciate your concern and for going out of your way to promote our series. We hope we can return the favor sometime soon.:)
Aaargh! Finally!!!
To everyone who waited,
So sorry for the long delay and thank you very much for your patience! We could write a tear-jerking excuse about how our personal lives and other projects got in the way, but let’s just not and say we did, ok? :)
And please don’t assume that almost two years were needed to make Chapter 6 a grand, epic masterpiece. Spare yourselves from disappointment this early on.:)

To old and new readers alike, Thank you and enjoy reading Chapter 6!:)
We're back!
If you want to view the full versions of the individual images above, please visit our deviantart page:

See you next week!:)
Some announcements
To those who will be in the Metro Manila, Philippines area on April 13, 2013:

We will be at the Bayanihan Center for the Summer Komikon 2013 Indie Komiks Tiangge. We will be selling softbound copies of chapters 1 to 4 of Kazanato Funeral Planning Service and two new one-shot titles, Dilag ni Lam-Ang (Lam-Ang’s Splendor) and Pahabol (Postscript). For more details about the event please visit Komikon’s Facebook page:

and Official Event Page:

There will be a lot of exciting activities in store! Please drop by our table to acquire our titles or just to say hello. We would love to personally meet you. We hope to see you there!

And to those who are wondering:
Chapter 6 of Kazanato Funeral Planning Service is still in progress. To be specific, we still have complete clean up, toning, and dialogue left. We plan to upload early this year, so please just be a little more patient.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your time!:)
Long overdue Characters page is up. It’s not much, but contains enough information for now. And to The Powers That Be, thank you for the recognition added to the profile page. :)
We meant to say this out earlier.:)
Sorry for the delay. We couldn't exactly pinpoint who got us to earn a nomination, so we want to thank everyone who was involved for making it happen. This is really a big deal for us. Thank you so much! Please support the awards and vote!:)
Author's note 3 is added in the notes section; Characters page to follow.

To poppints: Thank you for frequently posting comments on our pages and for reading SIA. Yes, the series is not at its end yet so we hope to see you here again.:)

To cupcakes: Thank you for trying your best to manage. :) We will also try our best to settle some stuff and return to this series.

To Eternal Cry: Thank you, we’ll see you soon, too. :)

To catqueen13: Sorry about this. Thank you for understanding. :)

To armyoflampposts: Yes, sorry. Thank you for saying so.:)
Final page will be on Saturday.:)
To coconutkittycat: You probably know better than Chou. :)