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Hey there! I'm Cam, and I make sprite comics sometimes. I've also got a second account where I do the same thing, which you can find a bit further down this page.

Aside from sprite comics, which I tend to pump out whenever I'm bored, I'm also an aspiring filmmaker, and have already created a couple of short films which I will likely supply links to at some point. In addition, I enjoy attempting to create digital art, and have begun to experiment a bit with coding games. All of these things may become relevant to my work on this site at some point or another, but that is to be seen at a later date.

Finally, if you want to get in touch with me, you can reach me on Skype, with a PM here, or on any other social media I may have.

Skype: kmarwx
Twitter: Cons0nance
Tumblr: Cons0nance
DeviantART: StevenConsonants
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i was gonna do the same thing on my page but i didnt feel like animating anything so i didnt im glad you made this a reality

mostly the first reason

also im sorry to everybody for introducing that style to this comic please end my life i desire nothing more

I click the post comment button
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it sure would be neat if this maybe got finished within a time period that at least somewhat resembled the initial deadline of 'one month between pages'

I went out and used a mop just to spite you because that seems to be the cool thing to do today

I dunno, it says he hasn't logged on since June

Maybe send him a PM and if we don't hear a response just drop him??? idk its up to you really
what the fuck