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hey there! Call me Kal
I live off of Coffee 0-0

I'm also a SLUT for feedback!!~!!!
feel free to chat me up here or on my Tumblr

thats all you need to know about me...

(icon by encyclopediaeccentrica tumblr)
This comic is not dead
hey everyone! yall remember me right? well as you may or may have not noticed this comic went on hiatus for a minuet due to me having a dear friend from work pass away. I took the time to properly process it and did a lot of research involving getting some therapy for my general depression since it worsened. I'm fine now and eager to get this show on the road!! thank you for your patients and encouraging messages on tumblr. love ya all!
@WindowMaker: right now Gear is just trying to figure out who was in the woods digging holes last night. He thinks Justin is a good place to start considering his suspicious activity and mud on his boots Seepage (see page 26). I'm assuming thats what you were asking I don't understand the question since i think you are using the word hypothesis incorrectly here sorry

as far as the page not loading its working fine for me but I'm not using mobile currently which is where most of my technical problems arise. I will look into it on my phone and see if I can fix the problem~ thanks for pointing it out though friend! would have not caught it without ya :D
I'm busy but still working!
Hey guys!! new page and I hope you like it! this one took longer than I wanted to finish it due to real world stuff. anyways as always thank my editor Medixnight for helping me get this done and make sure to leave a comment or rate this comic. it REALY helps me and keeps me motivated when yall do that :3
This is the single best comment I have ever gotten and nothing can ever top it xD
hey guys!! thanks for being so good at waiting for me to update this. Good news! I finally graduated :D

remember to send me editor love for also helping me work on this and also leave a comment or rate this comic. those things really keep me going!~
: 0
Leave a comment or rate this comic, those things are literally what keep me alive!

also thank you gyribright for letting me use your character for the background :) and another huge shout out to my editor Medixnight for helping me with this even though I always shove work onto them last minuet.
THANK you! It's hounestly an umbrella I would buy in a heart beat if it was real. XD (also sorry for the late respons I haven't checked here in awhile for comments)
@bwooom: yup!! two loving moms that I hope you guys can meet at some point :D
Shout out!!!
huge shout out to:


for letting me use your characters for the background!!!
also remember to send love my editor Medixnight~ (they are the best and I love them)
Huge thanks!!!
hey yall!! big shout out to medixnight ( ) for helping this project as my new editor!!! make sure you send them lots of love :3
just one Cameo today
thank you marceedoodles for letting me use your character for the background~

More Cameos to come so stay tuned :0
BackGround Characters!
Huge shout out to!!!!
for allowing me yo use thire characters for the background of this comic~!
(I intend to have some more cameos of peoples characters so stay tuned :P )
"thats how you make the drinks!?" LOL best line.
@medixnight: ahhh thank you dear!~ I'm glad you like it! I agree there isn't many object head based comics, thought I toss my hat into the ring :P

happy reading dear!~
@xXPRAISE_ITXx: its just a hat. nothing special really other than it was shown on page 1.
First page of the year :D
yay! I was worried I would abandon this project if I never finished this page.
were really close to finishing the first chapter~
Been Awhile hasn't it? finals have kept me busy. but I'm finally out of the woods now! so enjoy not only TWO pages but perhaps some improvement in my art style ;3
haha....still alive!
SooOOoooo the comic is still alive it just updates INCREDIBLE slow. I'm sorry ;w; *dodges sharp objects*
Sorry for the late update
ah sorry for such a late update, doesn't help that I skipped last weeks upload date either. sorry Ive been busy with preparing for my sisters wedding. that and my plate has been full at school. anyways please enjoy this page!~
yay another page!
hey look! I finished another page and this time I had about an hour to spare before upload time 0-0

school is got be busy but I'm still working on getting updates out on time.