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When I first created this account, it was for my sprite comic aspirations, but since then I've moved on to digital art.
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January 18th, 2014
This comic is kind of a big deal. Regardless of PhantomCat's life, I hope she/he never make's his/her last Idano comic.
February 13th, 2013
I'm glad you're still alive! Also glad I decided to check back here...

It'll be an interesting next few pages, I would think.

This comics just too unique to stop, I'm still curious as to what these characters are, and I want to know more about them... Don't drop it, please.
January 11th, 2013
This Comic shows so much promise... Out of all the comics I've seen just about ANYWHERE, THIS comic is so original and well done, I would absolutely hate it if it were to be given up upon. If only I had the ability and funds to perhaps donate to PhantomCat, to give her a little "inspiration", I would.

Whatever is happening to her IRL, I just hope she finds time to work on this comic.
@TsubasaTheFox: Oh man, your a little late on this one... This comic is dead. I used to be an author of this webcomic, with master right's to it. I removed myself, however, as my interest's within the past few years have moved on from Sprite comics to other things. I rarely ever come on to Smackjeeves anymore...

Anyways, if you like this style of comic, there's plenty of other's you can join, if memory serves.
For some reason, I don't seem to put as much effort into comic's without Kat/the Squirrel Girls in them. I wonder why...
I just felt like doing the latest comic.

Hope you had a happy Valentines day.
Here's page 2. I'm thinking I'll pace myself, only really updating this comic every other day. Sure, if I feel inspired, I'll color one on one of my off days.
here's the first comic.
Right, I was working on this strip before I made this Comic here on SJ. It was for a friend of mine who asked me to color this particular one.

I just learned how to spell "particular", thanks Google Chrome Spell check!

Anyways, I think next I'll do the first comic.
After reading everything up to the present, I think I have yet another reason to set up a Paypal account. Your work totally worth donating a few bucks, man!
I had a lot of fun with this one. Coloring girls (especially squirrel girls) is always fun. :P

Also, I had to think up the Squirrel girls color schemes here, since I couldn't find anything done by Phillip. I thought the different and brightly colored shirts were a good idea.
Poor Leonard...
damn those Cookie's look delicious.
Don't get excited by the "661" up there, that doesn't mean I've done six hundred and sixty one pages.

Also, I messed up kat's eye's here. I'm gunna change this comic at some point.
This reminds me of something else.
Yayness. I'm thrilled. For the hell of it I'll try to get some more comics into this thing.
...oh, shi-
I always thought advanced sprites were always too short, so I like to make mine longe by giving them longer legs.
Yes, yes you do.
I can make you one if you like.

Heres some of my other work, which just so happens to be a spaceship RV: Dony use that plz, its for a friend...

But yeah, I can make you one if you want, if you still even remember Smackjeeves.