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Um, "disappear" has 2 Ps. Respectfully, sir.
Damned with faint praise.
Such enthusiasm. We are overwhelmed. *drip*
Oh. Pardon me, I seem to have spilled some sarcasm there. Let me clean that up (before it etches the floor…)…
October 25th, 2018
@TH3GADFLY: One too many D's in "needed", sir.
October 8th, 2018
I think I'd be reluctant to employ a tattoo artist using "poison dart" as his schtick.
October 4th, 2018
@SuperBunnyBun: Maybe it's only honest people who admit to drinking lattes…
October 1st, 2018
@jdragoon: I don't think he's worried about that right now. Has something else on his mind…
September 20th, 2018
@TH3GADFLY: Think of it this way: If we didn't give you grief, you'd have to go find your own. That'd take away time from working on the comic. So, really, we're improving your art, right?

I'll see myself out…
August 25th, 2018
@SuperBunnyBun: Badberries.
Are you sure it's Alpha leading this charge?
@Dan Genesis: But will he take the High Road or the Low Road…?
I wonder, could these be hijacked by another controller? Between manifesting & the green mask thing hitting them? Hmm, mayhap a question for the future…
Panel 1: "R" in hurt has no leg ("HUPT").
@MarioKong: "I am… the law." Hm, didn't he already have that run-in?
@SuperBunnyBun: If only he had kept his mouth shut… Wait, forgot who I was talking about for a second there.
Really love Tirin's expression in panel 6, that wry half-smile.
@Guesticus: But it's not a "swimsuit," it's a "bathing suit." It's probably meant for "sun-bathing" in the attention.
@Guesticus: And who do you suppose introduced them to space-porn? OK, probably not Tirin, if only because someone else did it first.
@Fafhred: And no forewarning whatsoever.
@Guesticus: I'd posit a "hypothetical" tertiary Tirin, one who was raised as full Saronian; more combat training, none of the asymmetrical warfare training, all of the harsh bitch.
@E Hines: That's a possibility, especially if Mirror's magic isn't "half" like she believes. Me, I'd separate will & magic entirely, keep the magic as a servant, send the will away (without memory). Which would kinda lend credence to the "Billy's mom" theory, if the Vay think like I do (& if my idea is possible). Also, it would explain Billy's magical potential.
Poor Billy, surrounded by domineering females: one trying to gain his eternal servitude, one wanting his help to escape a mirror, one trying to kill him & drink his blood, one in his head...
Yeah, don't forget the elf wench in his head.
@DLKmusic & @Guesticus: Elf Wench is also a point in favor of "magical ability" here, btw.