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"The lady doth protest too much methinks"
*starts to consider doing pony fan-art of your charecters* XD
Yup, Hero man is terible.
Welp, I'm cought up. Damn, interesting storyline to get back on XD
I kind of like this charecter, I hope for more of him XD
XD "now, I havn't gotten her fixed yet. I've been considering breeding her. She has such butiful eyes, don't you think?"
Still a great love triangle... *tries to get insestuias threesom/poly relationship out of head*
Heh, wow. So I've actualy been slacking on reading this comic for the last... month or two XD. Mostly because I've been on vacation. I love this arc! You know how I like my Olivia ;)

I may not actualy be Trans, but I've considering presenting as female online more often. XD
I mean, I don't know, I've never even gotten a regular pair of panties... yet.

Still though does "sinning" still mean getting wet?
:3 love this, gotta love those old fassioned things.
I'm hoping for more dungeon bunnies. Just don't let madness near it or we'll get a whole arc where everyone is bunnies XD (actualy... kinda like that idea)
soooooo, a cute gay guy? :3
@Jim Nickabocker: Eh, LS was ambigious in the first place. I know that the tone's a little different, but hteir both far more grounded than other comics I read so I supose they fit together in my head. Plus, their both about gaming. Also, I like TS' art on this XD
Considering I came from Leftover soup, this is a pretty cool end to that. I mean, both of these take place in relatively real-world places, so I see no reason to assume that their actualy talking about the guy from that comic XD
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, that's about what I'd expect. Five or Six Playable bunnies, General rules, One or two monsters, and some game-bored. Though if it was able to be done with graph paper or something that'd be cool. XD

XD whatever, I just like the idea. It'd make a good game, and I'd make sure it did >:)
@kidcthulhu: "spoof" is a strong word. Chick alowed it XD
Come on, I loved this arc! Now, I'ma go try and make the game unless you stop me