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I mean, I don't know, I've never even gotten a regular pair of panties... yet.

Still though does "sinning" still mean getting wet?
:3 love this, gotta love those old fassioned things.
I'm hoping for more dungeon bunnies. Just don't let madness near it or we'll get a whole arc where everyone is bunnies XD (actualy... kinda like that idea)
soooooo, a cute gay guy? :3
@Jim Nickabocker: Eh, LS was ambigious in the first place. I know that the tone's a little different, but hteir both far more grounded than other comics I read so I supose they fit together in my head. Plus, their both about gaming. Also, I like TS' art on this XD
Considering I came from Leftover soup, this is a pretty cool end to that. I mean, both of these take place in relatively real-world places, so I see no reason to assume that their actualy talking about the guy from that comic XD
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, that's about what I'd expect. Five or Six Playable bunnies, General rules, One or two monsters, and some game-bored. Though if it was able to be done with graph paper or something that'd be cool. XD

XD whatever, I just like the idea. It'd make a good game, and I'd make sure it did >:)
@kidcthulhu: "spoof" is a strong word. Chick alowed it XD
Come on, I loved this arc! Now, I'ma go try and make the game unless you stop me
I want more bunnies. Or do I have to make a game from scratch to get more bunnies?
Seriously, this would be a fun game. I'd help you with it, just to see it made. Though, the coolest way for it to be made would be in a book that comes with little figures that you personally design. You have three designs already, I'm sure you could think of a couple more. XD
@kidcthulhu: lol, glasses bunny with glasses humie? Goth chick with the bunny wearing mascara?
@kidcthulhu: Yes, that, I think an actual version of Dungeon Bunnies would be fun. Though, I would think that it might be better with those little printable figurines, I don't know.

Tailsteak is a comic artist who had a dnd based comic for a while called... Leftover Soup. It just finished and is a few days into the epilogue.

One of the more interesting aspects of the thing was that he designed and showed off completed designs for something like 6-8 games over the course of the comic. Because he used to make them in his spare time and gave his hobby to his comic book charecter.

But yeah, I think it would be cool to have this game, you've really pitched it to me. XD Makes me want to make it real, or if it was real play it.
Ok, I know your not tailsteak so it might be too much to ask to get a real version of this.

But seriously,who really wants to play this game right now?If it doesn't exist I will spend hours making a functional version if I Have to

I'm with him, I've considered being a conqueror of the world at times.
@kidcthulhu: I mean, she is. I just forgot that pearl mentioned 'Transgenders' in the same scentence as gays. I thought they were different panels. But I mean, she'd talked down about gay people before.
Oh gods, I thought it was obvious. She broke when you insulted transgendered people, how did you not see that. She wasn't instantly hostile when you dissed lesbians. XD

Idk, this is still ridiculous XD
I just realised... If I was her, Olivia, I would ave taken the chanse right here to go through transition without the hassle. I mean, maybe I'm just a selfishperson XD
Why didn't THESE charecters become regulars.XD Specifically the tentacle monster.