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Just a bored uni student.
As you can see drawing hands and foreshortening is not my forte. Welp.
@C.E.F.: Thank you! I used to own a tablet but I really prefer traditional over digital! ^.^'
Ok, so I tried to colour this one and it obviously turned out horrible because 1) I’m not a digital artist and 2) I don’t even own a drawing tablet so yet I did this all by mouse and it was taking so long that I eventually gave up hence why some of this is...subpar.
I've decided to draw my comics on A5 instead of A4 just because it's easier for me but I still need to find like a better scanner because the quality is shit.
Also, I'm going to try and start publishing my comics a couple days/weeks beforehand so none of the descriptions are going to represent my life at "present" state. I don't know if I explained that well but that's how it is :P Enjoy!
Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a while, I've just been dealing with uni and stress and LIFE. It's so much more difficult making a comic than it looks!
Also I realise that the style in the page looks strange in different panels and it's because not only is this page rushed (again, I'm sorry!) but also because I did the comic at different times so my style varies a lot in short time spaces (because learning).
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and hopefully I'll learn some time management skills and I'll be able to do all my uni work and my comic stuff on time!
@C.E.F.: Oh wow! Thank you so much, That means a lot to me!
New Character 1!

Sorry I haven't uploaded anything for a white, I still haven't uploaded the last page for Chapter 1 (oops). Uni means I'm busy a lot but I'm going to try and post everything that I've missed and get back onto schedule! :) I hope you're all doing great!

Next post will hopefully be on Wednesday! Sunday will be the start of the 2nd chapter!
There'll (hopefully) be two uploads today to make up for the one I missed on Wednesday. I'm just really bad at time management! Ok that's a lie, I'm really a level 90 procrastinator, sorry!
This page is on time! It’s hard working on a schedule because you don’t get to spend as much time on the comic as you want to, hence why this page looks slightly bare. I decided to try out a new style with their hair and in all honestly I quite like it (I still need to figure out how to draw Achieng’s hair in this style)
Sorry this one was a bit late (again…), uni as well as personal matters meant I didn’t really feel like drawing anything. Things have slightly settled down so I’ll try to have Sundays and Wednesdays pages done beforehand, ready to upload. Sorry again.
There was originally more panels to this but I thought that this page is so long I might as well forget the unnecessary bits. It probably looks plainer too and I apologise, I just started uni this week and I was too busy panicking and being anxious to do the comic.
Sorry if this looks sloppy, I start uni next week (*cries*) and I wanted to get this finished so I could start on the next page to have something ready.

Also I made so many mistakes inking this page, do you have any idea how annoying it is correcting a mistake when you don’t own a tablet?! It was painful.
Slightly late but I doubt anyone really cares

(I ship the two hijabi's in the first panel)
I thought I'd change some things up, hopefully it looks a bit better. Probably not but whatevs
Omg the art is gorgeous!
Can I give you a little tip? :)
"Please insert our delicious sustenance into your orifice."

That's another way to say it lol