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I'm here for the comics.
Well, I like computers, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, and acting. Just as a random selection.
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    Gabe Lorvan
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I guess I'm in the minority who thinks spiders are actually pretty cool. What a surprise, lol
@comercole: That seems a bit aggressive!
I think the sentence in the third panel should be a question. Just slap a question mark on it instead of a period. And it's "he wouldn't have sent me" in the fourth panel.
@DarkFlameOSecrets: Fair enough. Thanks! I've been surprised by pronunciation differences in the past, so thank you for the verification.
@Guest: I'm assuming Lee-on, like the Kings. But that's just my guess; I've never heard it pronounced any other way, but maybe that's just the American pronunciation.
I like the idea that this isn't just a thing in Alola. This should be fun!
@dantelupine: I was wondering the same thing myself.
@rodneysux69: Back in Celadon (Chapter 9), he got caught in the rubble of the building collapsing, and the next time we see him, he has the eye patch on.
@ProfessorPhanyom I've been doing my part, too. Don't worry. And again, everyone, I still mean no offense and am just trying to help.
I think I need that fourth panel as another reaction image.
Oh, yes. Back to the old cinematic art style we've come to love from this comic. 10/10.
RIP the Cubone in the third panel.
Yeah, I'm with Someone here. "Same difference" is a thing.
@rodneysux69: Yep. Been a while since anyone's said his name, but yep.
Gorgeous. Hot damn.
"Monsier be Beaulieu." Truly creativity at its finest XD
That said, really enjoying the comic; just finding the name amusing.
@Nonny Two years later, and same thing.
@Someone7654 It's such a good image.