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Genuinely, I was kinda hoping the Snorlax would be canon. For memes.
@Guest: (Understanding that this is a guest I'm responding to...) Just hover over the comic with your mouse curser. If you're on a tablet or smartphone, I can't help you, lol.
@wifijoe: *silently puts down imaginary pen, realizing the hypocrisy of part of the story he ha been planning for months* *sighs*
To not be one of those people to just say "First!!!1!!!" and leave, I am curious to know who Nielle is talking to in this.
@VelvetRainbow: Oh, I know they put things like that in there (for the benefit of us puny humans), but it still amuses me to read things like that because things like a "mouse" Pokemon make no sense. I mean, what is a mouse in terms of Pokemon? Ratata? Pikachu? I have no idea.
Silly Chatot, dogs don't exist.
Speedreading through this comic and upset that I don't get any more for another week or more...
@Zelkova: I was just thinking the same thing. This is a solid team for a non-Nuzlocke, so good on you for getting this far!
The tears are flowing freely, my dudes.
Just checking, whose Lapras is that? Red's?
Dreamgirl's facial expression is perfect.
@supersatan25: I was looking for the right character, but you're not alone.
My feelings about this week exactly. :P
Good god. This comment stream went from casually commanding raining apples to about five different calls for brutal murder...
I have some more grammar concerns, but that's just me being picky. This has been an interesting read so far, though!