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I'm here for the comics.
Well, I like computers, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, and acting.
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So Medicham all by herself? Go for it, I guess.
@PJSam: I somehow doubt that wouldn't go as well as she would hope. We're too early in the story for dramatic reveals like that.
Is it possible that either Leon or the book is the reason that Vagus has these weird episodes?
@Noahepix: I've been saying that since the beginning, lol
Um. Am I the only person thinking that he could just recall Dragonthing? Or is that too obvious?
I come back after almost eight months and this is where I'm left. Classsssssssssssic
Surge isn't a great trainer after all. Fighting isn't very effective against Poison...
@Landjäger: Silly Avis, foxes don't exist.
Always nice to come back after, like, 8 months and find that this comic is just as beautiful as ever.
Genuinely, I was kinda hoping the Snorlax would be canon. For memes.
@Guest: (Understanding that this is a guest I'm responding to...) Just hover over the comic with your mouse curser. If you're on a tablet or smartphone, I can't help you, lol.
@wifijoe: *silently puts down imaginary pen, realizing the hypocrisy of part of the story he ha been planning for months* *sighs*
To not be one of those people to just say "First!!!1!!!" and leave, I am curious to know who Nielle is talking to in this.
@VelvetRainbow: Oh, I know they put things like that in there (for the benefit of us puny humans), but it still amuses me to read things like that because things like a "mouse" Pokemon make no sense. I mean, what is a mouse in terms of Pokemon? Ratata? Pikachu? I have no idea.
Silly Chatot, dogs don't exist.