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I'm here for the comics.
Well, I like computers, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, and acting. Just as a random selection.
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Merch Idea
So when should we expect to be able to purchase that Kyogre scarf? I know I'D buy one.
Welcome back!
As usual, I especially enjoy the details you slide into the frames, like the little white "look at me!" lines around the crevice in the first frame.
But it doesn't look like that, lol
Holy hot damn, I'm ecstatic for this!
@x I can't unsee that now, lol
I don't think I'm really ready for this comic to be over, but o matter how you look at it, it's almost there... And as beautiful and sad as always.
I think I just need more sleep.
So if the crazy-eye-no-powers thing applies to non-legendary Pokemon, too, imagine an Espurr that looks EVEN CREEPIER than before but has nothing else going for it.
I'm going to have to clean my keyboard after snorting that hard
@Shadow_Strikr: You're not, but I'm upset because you're right...
@Hawktalon,: I mean, she has the right idea at least, lol
I love the question mark accompanying the "Smokescreen." Nice touch, as usual.
I guess I'm in the minority who thinks spiders are actually pretty cool. What a surprise, lol
@comercole: That seems a bit aggressive!
I think the sentence in the third panel should be a question. Just slap a question mark on it instead of a period. And it's "he wouldn't have sent me" in the fourth panel.
@DarkFlameOSecrets: Fair enough. Thanks! I've been surprised by pronunciation differences in the past, so thank you for the verification.
@Guest: I'm assuming Lee-on, like the Kings. But that's just my guess; I've never heard it pronounced any other way, but maybe that's just the American pronunciation.