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I'm here for the comics.
Well, I like computers, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, and acting. Just as a random selection.
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    Gabe Lorvan
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"Monsier be Beaulieu." Truly creativity at its finest XD
That said, really enjoying the comic; just finding the name amusing.
@Nonny Two years later, and same thing.
@Someone7654 It's such a good image.
The mobile interface for SmackJeeves is fantastic. That was supposed to be a reply on the earlier conversation.
That was a lot more discussion than I was really expecting. Anyway, I do want to stress that I didn't mean to sound condescending. I just correct everybody's grammar and that in and of itself is seen as condescending. I can absolutely just send PMs if it's a problem; I am just trying to help.
Also, I know about the irony of my name in this instance, but to be fair comics do in fact include the words contained in them.
Er, second bubble of the last panel. My bad.
I guess I'll start off with the grammatical stuff: "have" not "had" in the first bubble of the last panel, and I'm not quite sure how to fix the last sentence in the last panel, but it needs a little love. Sorry to be doing this again. On the other hand, the expressions are on-point and I'm very much enjoying the comic.
@pixlyJolt: I think there was an autocorrect issue with the word "Elekid." I think that word was replaced by "and leek I'd." If that helps.
@pixlyJolt: Yep. Definitely ignore that in retrospect.
@Flavia-Elric: Sorry about that...
@pixlyJolt: Oh, you just broke the chain. The last two pages, you commented "Yeet." Don't worry about it; not important.
Yeah, I'm going to be the jerk to do it: "chose," not "choosed." Unless he's supposed to make that kind of grammatical mistake as a character thing? I've seen that before.
@pixlyJolt: No "Yeet"?
But also, to be fair, I'd be suspicious, too.
So... Tartarus is just Australia?
@The Orange Cow: You know, I wasn't expecting the reference, but I can appreciate it nonetheless.
@rodneysux69: What a comment, lol. The only way I can respond to say that I don't agree is to respond, which means that I must agree because I responded.
Anyway, I don't hate Rodney. What about him "gives [you] nightmares"?