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I like drawing and pickled food
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Happy Sunday update! Sometimes pizza can cause more problems than just heartburn mmkay kids :P

See you all Wednesday!
Happy Wednesday update! "What's the worst that could happen??"

See you all Sunday! :D
@Toxicodendron: well it's Addie so it's both :P
Happy update! I want improv resurrecting as a college course.

See you all next time!
@20njackman: of course it doesn't NEED to... but it has more PIZZAzz that way :P
Happy Wednesday update! Ritual chanting improv- GO!!

See you all Sunday!
Happy Sunday update! Dammit Max, you should know better than to ask those fated words right before experimenting with supernatural shit! DX

See you all Wednesday! :P
@Merrsharr: accurate tho XD
Happy Wednesday update! Low on funds for food? JUST BRING YOUR MEAL BACK FROM THE DEAD! A+
life hack.

See you all Sunday! :P
Happy Sunday update! Oh did y'all think our heroes just destroyed a cafe with no repercussions at all?? Anyways- will our friends ever assuage their hunger for pizza?? Find out next time, kids! :D

See you all Wednesday! :>
@MrCircusPapa: ah, I see! I'll message you an email then!
@MrCircusPapa: Hi! Thanks for the interest! No pressure on reading, take it at your leisure, I like riding that wave of excitement when starting a comic too :D

If you want you can message any fanart to me! :>
@Merrsharr: they played themselves smh XD
Happy update! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving meal is bigger than one box of pizza! :D

Happy turkey day everyone, see you all Sunday!

See you all Wednesday! :D
Happy Wednesday update! Y'all want some McPanda's??... No? No one?... D:

see you all Sunday! :P
@FaolanWariche: heheh it's supposed to be read that way, so you're good XD
@Winter421: I'm glad you're enjoying it! :>
@Winter421: it's a special commercial that will be touched on in the next page :D
Happy Sunday update! Are you feeling the love? :>

See you all Wednesday! :D