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I like drawing and pickled food
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Happy Sunday update! Who's this cutie?? :0

See you all Wednesday! :P
@THEMANINAREDHAT: Em can open portals through any door or “veil”. Basically, if it can be covered and uncovered, it can be a portal. Even a curtain or blanket could be used as a “door” to the other side! (In this case it was a pillow)

Also, Em goes by they/them pronouns. :>
@THEMANINAREDHAT: Max used to smoke! Unfortunately it looks like he started up again. :/
Happy Friday update! What's that behind you?? :)

See you all Sunday!
Update time! Oopsie. :0

See you all Friday! :,>
Happy Sunday update! Have some wholesome shenanigans! :P

See you guys Wednesday! :>
Happy Friday update! Hope you were all prepared for this jump scare! D:

See you guys Sunday! :P
Update! Let's go to our happy place, shall we? :P

See you all Friday!
Update! Wait a sec, this isn't my happy place!!

See you guys Wednesday! :P
@THEMANINAREDHAT: sweet! I find the paranormal and demonology so fascinating! It's amazing how much lore is out there and the similarities from different cultures and countries. :D
Happy Friday update! It's meditation time with Max! :D

See you all Sunday! :P
Happy Wednesday update! Max, dude, are we gonna open up about it? No, ok, just keep changing the subject. :P

See you all Friday! :D
Update! Back to the chapter at hand!

See you all Wednesday! :D
@TimeSceo: what can I say, he’s a relatable dude. :>
We've reached over 400,000 views! Here's a bonus q&a comic! Thank you all for sticking with the comic and for submitting questions! It amazes me that I've lasted this far, and I'm having a lot of fun continuing the story! You guys are awesome! :,D
Happy Wednesday update! Time flies when you're stressing about ghost dreams, right Max? :P

Q&A is closed, and comic process has started! Thank you all who submitted, the Q&A comic will be uploaded later this week! :D

See you all next time!
@Charlie the demon: thank you for the submissions! :D
@thedissapointedcookiemonster : I will answer this with the Q&A comic coming this week! Thank you for the submission!
@THEMANINAREDHAT: normally I'd answer this directly since it's easy for me to explain, but I think it'd be cool to show via comic so I will answer it this week with the Q&A comic update! Thank you for the submission and stay tuned! :>