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Update time! Man, this priest knows what's up :0

Authors note: So some of you might have noticed that there hasn't been any bonus updates since we last hit over 100,000 views. That's because with my recent move I was having a difficult time keeping up with my buffer. But here's some good news: We're close to hitting over 200,000 views already! So like last time, I really want to make something to show how much I appreciate you guys. I was thinking of making it a choice between a wallpaper and more character/author Q&As, do you guys have a preference? We still have time before a decision is made, so just comment or message me privately with your opinions! :>

see you all next time!

@Trinox: better late than never right?? ^.^''
Happy update! Looks like the ball is finally rolling on this supernatural shit! :P

See you guys next time!
Update time! Addie is such a player :0

This past year has been the craziest for me, a lot of ups and downs. I bought my first home but also lost several people I love very much. It hurts a little to know that for holidays and celebrations in my new house, several important people will be missing from their place at the dinner table. All in all, I know I must move forward, and honor their lives the best I can, by just trying. Thank you all for reading, all of you guys are a huge part of how I got through this rough year. <3

Happy New Year, everyone! See you all next week! :>
Happy update! Who else hopes they get a mirror for Christmas?? Happy holidays everyone!

See you next time!
Happy update! Revelations are made!

see you all next time! :>
Tonight's update is brought to you by bishounen sparkles~

See you all next time! :D
Update time! Everyone has that one friend who never answers their phone...

see you next time! :>
Happy update! Thank goodness for cushy forest plants, am I right??

see you guys next time! :>
Happy update! It's a long way down!

*Authors note: Thanks for all of your kind comments and messages you guys, everyone has been really sweet through these trying times, and I appreciate all of you <3
@Jazmin Zombie: I might be sad for awhile, but drawing really helps me cope when I'm feeling down, so I don't have any intentions on forgetting about the comic. Thank you for your support. <3

*Authors note: This Friday, my grandfather passed away after a long struggle with his health. I miss him so much.
@Jazmin Zombie: I seem to live in that weird grey-area between hate and love XD
@TimeSceo: lol yeah Em definitely wouldn't have cared, but that's our socially awkward Max for you! XD Also Em goes by they/them pronouns :>
Happy update! Didn't get your fill of Max awkwardly scrambling last week? Well you're in luck today, because here's some more of that! :P

See you all next time!~
@ThatRandomGal: He's totally adorkable:>
Happy update! Ready for naptime?

See you guys next time! :>
Happy update! Now clean up that mess!

see you guys next time!