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"Death to sympathy."

If you haven't already, check out ma fren Shad! (ShadowStalker1128) She's an amazing artist and she drew my profile picture :D

Heyo mayo, I'm WildfireK, also known as WiFi!
I post artwork, poetry, and stories here. :3
I am completely obsessed with Twenty Øne Piløts, cats, and morally ambiguous anti-heroes *flomps over and starts rolling around*

I have two main places where I post things here on Smackjeeves :3
If you like Warrior Cats or just cats in general, be sure to check out my main ongoing story, Lynxstar's Tyranny, a Warrior Cays fanfiction posted here that focuses on themes such as philosophy, psychology, hypocrisy and the concept of evil, all the while being stuffed full of the adorable floofy beans known as cats. Meow!
I also have an art dump, which is where I'm most active. I post daily - everything from doodles to full-color drawings and fan-art for my favorite webcomics, plus a ton of pictures featuring the LT (Lynxstar's Tyranny) cast.
Hope to see you around!

*Insert ending here*
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Ah okay! ^^

The previous estimate is with a white background :3
Yeah I'm slooooowwwwww

How long does it usually take you for an art piece?

Me maybe 2-5 hours
But can go past ^^
Meep mop nothing really much to say about this except it's adorable XD

Kinda looks more like a snake to moi!
Huh okay I will try that

Thanks! ^^
Thanks for telling me!

But should there be a bit more? ^^;
Lol like what's the code? XDD
How did you put the borders around thr menu buttons?

"There's no such thing as magic"
-Vernon Dursley
Noice background!
Open the floodgates

*readers come pouring in*
Mkay so like last time I checked, which was like an hour or so ago, I have 70 unique readers today

Now I have over 200


This seems to be a trend. Today is the farthest right and you can see that every 3 days I have had a huge spike in readers
this is soooo weird :000
Awwww look at the nubby stubby pawssss XD
What us that black thing :0