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Jk it looks great

*boops forhead
2 days ago
Feathered wings are insanely hard to draw
I think that her wings look slightly like a comb, but I can't blame you. I can't do half as good xp
Tbh, I think the way you draw clouds would be better off being the way you draw leaves. Imagine that cloud as part of a tree!

Also, that perspective! I love the depth, and how you were able to convey it through a FLIPPING COILING CYLINDER like HOW
Oof, yus I sorta feel the same way
Right now the only part I'm really proud of is the Rayfi-Nira relationship, and a few other things, and the beginning of Stars and Smoke isn't that great compared to Lynxstar's Tyranny, but I'll still keep on workin' once I get my tablet fixed xp
When you lay awake for hours at night brainstorming character relations and plot points, it's a good sign, though. There are only three stories I've ever made that have made it past the 20 page mark, and all three of them kept me awake

(Stars and Smoke and Lynxstar's Tyranny are two of them)
Hey wait guys random idea
So, we've got four Warrior Cats comic authors, right? Four authors. Four clans. How do you guys feel about a webcomic roleplay where each of us makes up a clan and interacts with each other?
Nice! I've always loved maps :)
Saw the new cover
Amazing layout/positioning the way
I see a bean named Breezeclaw
He is my favorite character for some reason
Reminds me of Cypressroot
By the way where is Hawksoar?

Also tip for tabby cats like Hawksoar
When doing stripes, it works to have the stripes be like a bee's - the shaded part is like 50/50 with the unshaded part. However, for a tabby cat, taper the stripe a lot so that it ends at around 1/3 down the cat's body. I hope this helps! I know you hate drawing tabby cats xp
Look at that shading
That glare is utterly astouding
@Eeveehearts333 aka ur frind lavi:
Of course! I couldn't forget my lavender friend! Nice to see you again!

Just to prove it
If you're gonna do some pre-work or behind the scenes technical stuff, I would suggest character lists and arcs. For me at least, scripts are extremely boring to write, so instead I do character arcs: each characters personality, dislikes, likes, beliefs, goals, and key relationships, and how they change throughout the story. It'll really give you an in-depth look into your characters and it'll be easier and more for to write/draw them.
Anyway, great cover! Hope you don't mind my advice.
Love the glow and background on panel 3
Dat smirk
Also love how Cometpaw has a sharp, edgy chin while Redpaw has like no chin at all
Awwwww the wittle rouded gems
@RealBoxTheEevee: oh :(
Well, I can't help ya there
Updated 6/19/17
Yus I know its beautiful
I can pick out references to 11 poems
There's probs a lot I'm forgetting tho
But seriously kudos for taking all your
Poems putting them into a story, making them rhyme as well. That is really flippin hard but you pulled it off beautifully
Well, I'll try, but now that I lost motivation to draw cats, they all turn out terrible xp
Also, I don't think there is, 'cause pretty much every warrior is ShadowClan has a big enough role that it would be easier to adjust the storyline to fit around a Thunder/Wind/RiverClan cat.