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"Love and peace is just hate and war in disguise."

If you haven't already, check out ma fren Shad! (ShadowStalker1128) She's an amazing artist and person :D

Heyo mayo, I'm WildfireK, also known as WiFi!
I post artwork, poetry, and stories here, I'm a chatterbox, and I like to joke around a lot!
I am completely obsessed with Twenty Øne Piløts, cats, and morally ambiguous anti-heroes *flomps over and starts rolling around*

I have two main places where I post things here on Smackjeeves :3
If you like Warrior Cats or just cats in general, be sure to check out my main story, Lynxstar's Tyranny, which focuses on themes such as philosophy, psychology, hypocrisy and the concept of evil, all the while being stuffed full of the adorable floofy beans known as cats. Meow!
I also have an art dump, which is where I'm most active. I post daily - everything from doodles to full-color drawings and fan-art for my favorite webcomics, plus a ton of pictures featuring the LT (Lynxstar's Tyranny) cast.
You can probably find me hanging out on my friends' comics, so I hope to see you around!

*Insert ending here*
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Ooooh pl9t
I love the plot so far, and how it was introduced! Yay for world building!
Better than mine a few months back XD

Here's a tip: the toes of the paws are actually quite small comapred to the rest of the foot
(Check out Shad's work for example! And maybe mine but I'm not as good as Shad)
Also cats have 4 toes on the end of their paws. (There's a fifth up higher that's sort of like a thumb but dun worry about that)
Overall, looks great though! You've really improved, especially in shading!
Hey Shad I bet you can beat that school record >;3
Ahahaha I get those too XD

I measured out 100m but I haven't felt up to actually running it XD
I don't think I could do 200m
No stamina XD
My little finger on my little phonecan't keep up

You are fast at like everything Shad

My fren says the same about me
You're pumping these out so fast I can just see the recent comments feed just go down and down and down...
I think this is why I thought Evolve only had 4 songs
If you look it up on YouTube only these four songs are listen under the album XDD

Proof that I'm not choosing the wrong playlist things XD
Oh then nvm XD

I'd rather draw myself one lol
Plus you're swamped I'd rather not contribute, even though it's fun XD

Thanks so much for offering, though!
Woah is this the lineart style you used for my LT fanart? It looks flipping crisp woooah

May I ask what settings you used? :
Was that second splotch on your right ear there the whole timeor is a new feature?
Is it just moi or does the new cover's lines look sharper and the colors darker than the full-size image you posted?

Yeah your anatomy has gotten A LOT better wow
So has your fur
And now that I look at it I realize a lot of things have passed under my radar - you've changed eye shape, snout shape, and ever nose shape! :D
Oh okay

So on that playlist some of the songs you've listed aren't on there

This is weird XD
Oh I just looked up the evolve album and a lot of them don't say "evolve" so I didn't know XD

Like Roots
I've actually listened to Roots a lot, but I had no idea it was on Evolve wow

So that makes it 5
Believer, Thunder, Roots, Walking the Wire, and Whatever it Takes
Oh ;_;
I could only find four, maybe sometime you could link the other songs if they're on YouTube?