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Here is the second geocache I found
It was located in a fence post, covered by a block of wood you needed to lift to reveal ;3c

Also by the way I amgoing to be gone for a week on vaction so I will not be able to post... probably
We'll see about that
I won't be able to draw digitally :3
It's actually "sycophant" X3
This guy's pretty clever... pretty thoughtful philosophy and nice manipulation... WHATYOULOOKINGATI'MPERFECTLYINNOCENTaaa!

Also ouch knowing Rudy did in fact leave him
@Oblivion Umbreon:
Alright! You can pm me if you want ^w^

Noo!!! Darnit I'm sorry ;_;
Hope you fine it soon
@Silver Eevee:
Heck I'mma make you need it right here right now
@Oblivion Umbreon:
that's so cool! I had 12 until yesterday
Then I hiked 7 miles to find 5 geocaches
So half the day XDD
My idea of a weekend lol
You mind sharing your account? Or nah because of location info
It's fine if you don't :3
Have any of you heard of Geocaching?
Geocaching is a fun game where people hide containers all over the world. Then, they post the location of the container along with hints and other details and other people come to the location and find it!
Containers, called "caches" can vary in size, being as small as your fingernail or as big as a truck
Somebody hid this cache inside a gaurdrail! It's a micro-sized cache and it's as big as half my fist.
Once you find the cache, there wull be a slip of paper to write your name down to prove you found it, and then you can go to the cache's page and post a log saying you found it (or didn't find it) along with additional notes. I've found 17 geocaches so far!
@Oblivion Umbreon:
You mean change the site formatting? Well, I think if you into comic design and appearanc you can select from lots of templates :3

Also, have you tried programs like FireAlpaca or Medibang? They're both free and I use Medibang
If you have a computer
But Medibang is also a free app
No it does not!!!

Just a suggestion, if ya wanna make texr easier to read, try text boxes! It makes the text stand out against the rest of the background.
I like this character
(Not person, character)
Interesting philosophy and I love morally ambiguous philosophies feed me the unpopular opinionssss yum
The fact that his mother doesn't want him to bring animals home and the fact that he says that it's easier to hide as if he's familiar means he's probably done this many times before...
@Oblivion Umbreon:
No problem frendo!! <3 glad to hear it :3
Ugh I'm sorry it looks so bad Wiispy I didn't have time I let you down I'm a terrible friend I'm sorry
I tried to put in a bunch of inside jokes and make it look like one of the sketchy comics I used to do a year ago
I even included your Nira streak and your what hat... I love you so much Wiispy <3
I'm lonely now
The more I try the worse it looks
Excited for this <3
Thanks!! <333
Thanks! I've always wanted to make a frayed cover