**Profile pic was drawn by my amazing friend Shad! Just scroll down to my latest comments section and find her name, ShadowStalker1128, to check her out! 70% chance she'll be there XD)

I eat peanut butter

Also discarded tissues

Hayo mayo I'm WildfireK (or WiFi) and I like saying weird stuff (but you guessed that) and not using punctuation (but you guessed that too) and also using the word 'and' alot (Ha! I got you there, didn't I? I'm only using the word 'and' alot because I'm trying to funny, and I like using punctuation at random times. Meep.)

I like poetry and writing and drawing and counting how many times I used the word 'and' on my profile page (here's a hint: it's higher than 0)

I have a Warriors Fanfiction called Lynxstar's Tyranny, and an art dump where I post a ton of doodles about it and other crazy stuff :3
I'm also doing a writing collab with two other people called Sixfold Saga! ;3

Also check out the comics in my favorites list cuz they're all really good
And shout out to you for reading through 191 words of me talking about myself XD


*Insert ending here*
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Ooh did I inspire somebody

*runs around with squiggly arms*
Okay bye uh hope you get a good night's sleep and get better soon :(
Now all I have to do is get water and rocks down and then maybe - just maybe - I'll finally be able to draw than Lynxheart pic I've been wanting to do for so long
I am addicted to drawing trees now lol

Based off the thumbnail of this video:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RQcLIm-s75U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
What really?

Wait, is one half still stuck in there?
@Ace Valkyre Wolfe:
Ooh cool

Maybe you could name them nim and bor? They are thr names for the two directions on the w (4th dimensional) axis
Seven directions?

uh let's see

North South East West Up Down and Feint

Also nice designs I would like to live in the West, East or South wings
I'm in love with Feena lol

Also ink and paper ooohhh

Also hiding it from them?

Feena is the most adorable thing even talking half-conscious
I don't know why but that last panel is absolutely gorgeous
iFiW lol

Also this is soo creative with all the daydreams

Like the pacman it's adorable XD
There's like 7 different jokes on this page it's awesome XD

Also it's okay, honestly if you get off schedule it won't be a huge letdown for us, we can wait! :3
@Ace Valkyre Wolfe:
Okay dude I will

@Ace Valkyre Wolfe:
Hi guys can I join

(I don't really like bananas but I don't hate them either)
Can't help but appreciate the highlights on Lawin. Highlights on black-furred creatures always trip me up