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Hi, I'm WiFi and I like cats and good first impressions X3

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Ooh okay!
You available today? :3
Thats really really weird...
Sorry about that :(
That's really odd...
Usually rebooting MC works for me, but if you haven't been able to get on...
What version are you on?
You're not on that Windows 10 version, right? Can ya please send me a screenshot? ^w^
R u still available?
There is a server that Fel and I play on
@Aura flame:
I was because it doesn't rhyme but still ends in ove XDD
That green tho
It burns
Well I mean I know how you did it but still it LOOKS SO GOOD
Hat in Time comes with a custom level editor!
Here is a screenshot of my very first level!

The level editor is very complicated,,,
To make a single moving object you have to search the content library for it, position it correctly, transform/scale it to however you want, convert it from a staticmeshactor to a mover, update the collision settings for it, hook it up to a matinee, then animate it through Unrealmatinee (using keyframes ;3)
I have a TON of respect for game devs now X3

Unrealmatinee: (Note the scroll bar)
Huh okay! :3

That's basically what I do, I tint everything yellow but for some reason War never looks good tinted yellow
Qhat's you strategy for shading grey characters?
Oh and yes it is EXTREMELY good
Dare I say it's better than No Name
I'm already working on a poem for it XD
'S about halfway done
It's pretty useful ^w^

Btw didja know NF released a new song yesterday? It's called "WHY"
Oooh ok
Didja know you can right-click on an image and select "properties" to find out when an image was created?