Not sure if this is the kinda thing you appreciate people pointing out or not, but you misspelled "killed" in panel 3. You only have one "L".

Also, Kosomov, keep being adorable!
Does this mean Lord Inquisitor David Attenborough is probably of the Ordos Xenos?
No alt text? Or did Brinton eat that, too? lol
Truly, Brinton's transformation to full Bish┼Źnen is about to come to fruition. Ready the doves, rose petals, and random drifts of artfully hair tossing breezes.

Gird your loins well, female troopers.
PLEASE tell me you plan on making that Cain poster a print at some point. I think that would sell! lol
@BG_None: I've played Sisters of Battle enough to know this one! Meltaguns. When in doubt, melta EVERYTHING.
Poor Lelith, just wants to eat!
Holy THRONE, I want one! And the matching Amberly-

Wait. Greatest victories bullet point. Lol
Commissariat Note: Those who confuse and color the Commissar's fur trim the same color of the Commissar's hair will be shot.
@Randomnecrom: I think they said a while back that they're still redesigning things like the Character page. Don't worry, it doesn't work on my PC either.
@Cpt. Johannes Wyss von Krieg: I do have just recived my postcard! It appears to be a strange felineoid creature reading an Uplifting Primer and drinking a warm cup of recaff. Thank you, it's awesome! :)
Just watch...
Spoilers: The =][= is already there! That owl, a cyber familiar!
Hobbs' eyes are so blue they almost glow...!

Also, I like how she's wearing that helmet likes its going to protect her head or something...
Kosomov looks SO ADORABLE here. From a little bored and impatient to happy-fun-time! in two panels lol

Also, the No Smoking sign in the last panel is a nice touch lol
@Talancir: Heh, I could see Talon flipping if he met Amberley, ie a person who actually knows (biblically, even) Cain.
@Ikiryo: Seriously. Marines are suppose to be near mythological for the average Guardsman or regular citizen. The Sisters are much more likely the ones they'd see in any real numbers...
You know, somehow I missed that Brinton used not one, but TWO swords up until now. And that Sororitas bookmark is making me wonder what you'd make them look like, if they showed up in the comic. Here's hoping for a cameo, at least!
Man, those Ryza pattern LRs are getting more unstable every day! Just look at that, just leaking plasma everywhere!
Did he smear gold all over the upper left of the breastplate? Also, watch it Brinton, Kosomov noticed the bitemark in the foot of your bed frame!
"Unless circumstances creates the need for a new major." DUDE, you gotta give Brinton credit his trash talking is on point! He gets rudely, violently awoken from the middle of a dead sleep by armed solders and he's on his A game immediately.