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Oooh... boy, this is gonna get worse before it gets better.

Also, this is NOT how I expected our first look at the Adepta Sonoritas to look like! lol
Frak indeed, Talon. You screwed this up bad; this is gonna bite you in the arse later.
The only way I see out of this for Talon is to pull the trigger. At this point, it doesn't matter what he does, the commander is gonna go directly to the Rogue Captain about this. The last thing you want is a mutiny with the Tau on your doorstep, and frankly, that looks like where this is going at this rate.
...wait. Roleplaying in the forums? Hows that work?
@mithril: Really, when you get right down to it, the only real difference between tea and coffee is that one is a leaf and one is a bean. I feel like the Imperium makes a drinkable out of pretty much anything that you can A) fit in a cup and B) at hot water too without it making a chemical eruption.
@JustADude: I don't know if it's ever been pointed out, but I've always assumed it's a hanging scar. He got hung but didn't die, or did and was revived. I could be a knife slash, too, now that you mention it!
This is what you get when you have a disciple of the Commander Chenkov style of leadership butting heads against a follower of Cain's flavor of command.
Not sure if this is the kinda thing you appreciate people pointing out or not, but you misspelled "killed" in panel 3. You only have one "L".

Also, Kosomov, keep being adorable!
Does this mean Lord Inquisitor David Attenborough is probably of the Ordos Xenos?
No alt text? Or did Brinton eat that, too? lol
Truly, Brinton's transformation to full Bish┼Źnen is about to come to fruition. Ready the doves, rose petals, and random drifts of artfully hair tossing breezes.

Gird your loins well, female troopers.
PLEASE tell me you plan on making that Cain poster a print at some point. I think that would sell! lol
@BG_None: I've played Sisters of Battle enough to know this one! Meltaguns. When in doubt, melta EVERYTHING.
Poor Lelith, just wants to eat!
Holy THRONE, I want one! And the matching Amberly-

Wait. Greatest victories bullet point. Lol
Commissariat Note: Those who confuse and color the Commissar's fur trim the same color of the Commissar's hair will be shot.
@Randomnecrom: I think they said a while back that they're still redesigning things like the Character page. Don't worry, it doesn't work on my PC either.
@Cpt. Johannes Wyss von Krieg: I do have just recived my postcard! It appears to be a strange felineoid creature reading an Uplifting Primer and drinking a warm cup of recaff. Thank you, it's awesome! :)
Just watch...
Spoilers: The =][= is already there! That owl, a cyber familiar!
Hobbs' eyes are so blue they almost glow...!

Also, I like how she's wearing that helmet likes its going to protect her head or something...