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So very glad to hear you are still with us, and are moving towards a better place--because that is what is important. I've been following this comic since I was a young little bean, and it's helped me through so much, but it wasn't just the comic--it was seeing an author who was similar to me in so many ways, and was doing something so cool. So, even though we don't know each other personally, you're a wonderful soul, and you being okay is far more important than any comic could ever be.
Don't care about any new comic pages, just would love an update about whether you're okay! Really worried, and I wish there was a way to contact you to find out ):
laughing hysterically at jordan's diamond while also thinking 'poor little babe D;'
I love these two so much ;_;
Aww, darling, don't worry! You may get an invite to some loving soon!