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I like Pokémon, anime, videogames(mostly Nintendo, and I like drawing.
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I'm in marching band and we get a bunch of kids to play this on the bus rides to and from games. It's hilarious when somebody yells about getting messed with
@soupedupd: I wholeheartedly support this decision
For clarification
I make the art work and script while he puts the words on the page and posts.
Thank you for your patience ^-^
Amazing work as always you guys!
Very creative way of showing how to use your environment to your advantage!
If he just cut the ribbon that raichu is going to die a very painful death
Yeah you Go! Great job on the comic!
Let me explain
Hey Guys! I live on the southern end of Florida and right now have no power, things are tough right now but soon I'll be back into the swing of things. Give me time and I'll be back up and Running! Thanks for understanding, if you have any questions let me know!
Suuuupppeerrrr Laaattee!
I'm soo upset that this is really late, the school year is in full swing and I'm in marching band ;~; I try though. So just give me time to figure out proper text if you have advice let me Know! And feel free to suggest stuff

YESSHHH! For the win!
Chapter One
oH WhaT Â tāNGled WęB WƏ WæVe
I feel like every time Maka wins she's gonna do some kind d of pose🙎
This is the fruit of my labor, I will not post for a while because of the fact that this was a lot the comic officially starts next post! Get excited
I took a class on backgrounds and this is the result I might switch out the "when time stood still " for this if I can figure it out but this is just a little thing for while you wait ;3
I bet she would pick Ra up just for the heck if it.
@DragonMoonWolf: thanks, can't wait to draw your character! I hope you enjoy the next update, I'll be posting 6 at Once! I just have to wait for SOMEONE *squints at flamel* to do the unknown writing.
@TheMewgon40: well because it's a mew it could work because of the fact that mew knows transform, I sink at drawing mew though so don't expect much!
@TheMewgon40: well, it depends on the legendary, and my ability to draw It! I'm not going to put a random dialga in the background of the town,but I could draw a celibacy in the background of a forest, basically it it can be found in forests or areas the characters might go, then go for it, I'll try my best to draw it though!
I'm so proud :3
I'm really proud of how this turned out, the next update is a big one where it all comes into play,but on top of that I wish to let you know that we are in need of characters! The info will be in the poll below so injoy~ I'm trying to get the next few pages out together, fingers crossed