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...Social media site number 6... (If you wanna talk to us go ahead.) Or is it 7? (It's 7.) Oh. Erm... Hello people of sma-(Nope you ran out of time.) What!? Lamit-(Enjoy our stupidity) LAMI-(See ya later.)
Am I the only one who sees this?!
Has anyone noticed how similar Judge and Madam President look?! (Is there a reason for this? Should we be worried?)
Gibberish at 3 am (and ranting because it's 3 am)
I was speaking nonsense when I saw this. I never expected it to start back up so soon. (Thanks for updating gloomverse. We've re-read the story 6 times in 2 weeks, so we've taken a big liking to the story and the characters. And obviously we, and many others were not expecting an update anytime soon. But don't let people pressure you into updating too much... we've seen that happen to so many artists and writers, including watching our sister get consumed by it.)

Yeah... don't worry about updating. Anyone who immediately demands updates are just impatient to see what's next; and that feeling sure as heck isn't foreign to any writer, artist, and soo many others. We are some of the most impatient people on this earth... but we've seen artists break down due to stress and pressure, due to real-life practically killing them. A fanfiction writer completely lost her motivation due to immense amounts of stress because of some inpatient people who don't understand that people have lives outside the stories and art they create. Whoops! Sorry bout the rant. (Heh.) See ya! (Later.)