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Doesn't this look a THOUSAND times better than the last two comics I made? Hopefully I'll have some more up eventually. Now that I have a better camera and better understanding of how GIMP works. Yeah.
Ha! Firefly joke! Faved, dude!
Late Update
So originally this was going to be three pages, but I drastically shortened it. It was also going to be the last page for this chapter, but 8 pages a chapter does not make (unless your a James Patterson book) and so yeah. There's three more pages, which are a short flashback, and then I'll begin work drawing chapter 2. So yeah. I'll try my best to have a page up on time Monday. Its just that schools put the schedule in a whack. So till monday (hopefully)
This page seems so much cleaner than the other pages. Well, by clean, I mean theres less black specs that usual... Anyways.
I won't be gone three weeks, it will actually be three DAYS. I'm still planning on going to that comic convention in D.C. on the 8th, so if your planning on going to it, let me know, and I might say hi (If I go). So, see you on friday!
No new page today
See todays news post on why there's no new page (And other stuff of my ramblings) Aw man! While typing this, I realized I missed LOST last night, and it was the season finale! EXPLITIVE! Anyway, hopefully I'll have the new page up tommorow.
Well, that would explain things... I think?
Congrats on getting past 150 pages, And yeah, keep up the good work and such.
I forgot I had a favorites list, so when I checked it, I saw your comic! It's been what, 3 months, possibly more? (My mom left for Iraq the last time you updated... I think, and now she's back... so six months? Yeah, six months... Wow.)
Ooh boy...
I think I used a whole inking pen on this page...
Well, I wanted the focus to be the destruction. And well, I guess this page turned out well. I added the credit part only to cover up the areas where I didn't really do anything. And so... This happened. I think You'll notice that there aren't any people (Or zombies) Around... yet.. :D
So yeah, constructive criticism and such are welcome. Thanks.
This comic is about the Grammys that took place last week. And how Amy Winehouse won SO many awards (5) I made a bet with a friend that she would only win 3. I lost a dollar...
John's hands are in his shirt, which is why you can't see them... it is cold outside.
Well, this one was written by me.
For some reason, the filter I used isn't showing up. It made the comic look like it was shot using a camera, like in 'Cloverfield,' The best movie of the year (So far.)
So, that is why John's arm is large and reaching out of the frames.
Yeah, it has been a while since I have put a comic up. I've been working, and honing my photoshop/GIMP skills. And this is what turned up.
Written by my good friend Erik, who will hopefully be a regular in 'Barely Listening' (Unless he ticks me off...)
By the way, I no longer do the 'ninja life' comic anymore. As you can probably tell from the title of this comic, it is now called Barely Listening, and I update it only on Drunk Duck. (Easier to see if people are comic or not) So drop by if you feel like it.
From now on, Barely Listening will no longer be in color (Unless I get some free time in IT class)
Originaly, Altair was going to do the feather thing, but for some strange reason, I couldn't get the arm right...
It's my birthday today. Thought I would put this up here just 'cause.... It is my guest comic after all.
Yay! My contribution!
Ugh! My drawing skills have come so far in five weeks. I now know to use a ruler for straight lines, and to never use my own handwriting (Kaxen had to e-mail me about that '.. )
Anyways. Look for 'Barely Listening' here on smackjeeves and drunkduck. I'll update it the beggining of the new year (the day after my birthday! YAY!)
Just wondering. So are you going to show any fan art and guest strips or are you going to wait until you leave?
Thought you were leaving for Hong Kong or something?
Anyways, this gag is one of my favorites so far. :)
Guest Comic
I have a wonderfull idea if someone like me where to do a guest comic. Oh well. It would probably be better that I didn't do a comic for something like this...
Poor Beggar
Are you ever planning on letting someone do a guest comic in the future?