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Non-binary (they/them/theirs pronouns) nerd with a passion for art, psychology, and storytelling. Currently a college student trying to balance work, school, and hobbies.
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She's only mostly dead!
Another one
Hi Rogo, just thought you'd like to know the page won't load again.

This story is so good and your characters are so developed! I love this world that you've created and am grateful that you shar it with us!
umm, Bad Image Source?
Just letting you know that Page 4 won't load.

I love the art and the story! Please keep up the good work!
Don't worry, Arco! You'll get there in time!

Also, Happy Birthday! I hope you're having fun in Vegas!
Dude, same
I totally get what you're trying to say. I'm nonbinary but lean more toward male in how I present and how I act. I had a crush on a super straight guy friend of mine for a while and it was really weird/ awkward/ annoying. Depending on whether or not you're good friends with her, one of the best things might be to be up front about at least the first two thirds of what you put in the last panel. I wish you luck, man.
All the Feels
Oh God, Mads, what're you doing to my heart?! </3 Poor sweet Brynn, it's not your fault!
@warren1965: Can confirm, that face is *definitely* cat-like. I'm just hoping he purrs and snuggles like a kitten. :)
MADS!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? I only just had time to read this and I had the feeling something bad was coming, but Mads! My heart!!!! π.π