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I guess you can say he's... blazing through the competition.
...I was down for a reboot.

This? This was pure gold.
...well, if your plan was to find a way to have Atty actually start to like George, this may well be mission accomplished.
Ah, yes, Juan's Kingdra. The thing that made me hold on to Shock Wave long after I got the Thunderbolt TM.
I have my suspicions about where this is going to end up.
Link cable, you shall be missed
Norman, maybe you should petition the league to have the gym built out of some kind or reinforced material.
"Those assholes from the Pokemon League are going to hear from me"
...THERE'S the pokespe references again.
I see your blush, Green. ;)
Ah, the old "processing" gag.
Why do I get the feeling that Kotone has been in contact with Wallace regarding this precise topic?
Oh my god she committed a cardinal sin against artists.
Oh, Hylia, did Malon stab Ganon with some kind of AC-style hidden blade while checking his gender?
Zelda's got a really long neck here.
Neither rain nor snow nor gl om of ni t shall stay these mes engers abo t their duty.

-moblin's with sticks
-all sorts of dragons
-Huje green things with teeth
-Any kinds of black lynels with orange manes
-Rains of bokoblin's

(before you say anything, it's supposed to be misspelled)
I noticed this comic before but never really felt like reading it because I wasn't much of a Zelda fan. And then BotW came along and made me a Zelda fan. And now I'm here.
The dark side has never looked so tempting.