"My turn to save him, and I'm a complete failure."

Damn, Crys, you look like you haven't slept in days.
So... is Abel gonna take back the Eevee? Or did he already take it back and I just missed it? Or what?
Fuck... I've read enough of the manga to know how this is going to end.
You'd think these villain types would learn.
Isn't this dangerous? No? Okay then.
Whoo, back in action!

Still expecting her to get arrested.
Ooooh... could we possibly be getting a reenactment of the Rocket tower assault, only with Crys to the rescue this time?
...and now she gets arrested for blowing up a building and trying to kill a couple of teenagers.
I will stand ready with napkins when Gold needs to wipe the eggs off his face.
If Atty made up a plausible-ish story right now, would she buy it?
Will he think to make up a story about some hooded guy handing it off to him near Cerulean City? Find out if Atty gets arrested, NEXT TIME ON MOKEPON!
Quick, Atty! Make something up!
Of course, this means it's only a matter of time before Atty gets caught.
Was it actually Fish's pokeball and George just assumed it was a secret weapon of some kind?
Mommy and Daddy are fighting again.
Dragonthing come save your trainer now plz.
Gold, you can drop the jealousy thing now. You're safe.
So... NOW can Dragonthing burst in and save him? Because all joking aside, I don't thing Rat is up for another round.
My guess is that Doug will be the one to defeat TR in the end. And Gary will go along with it because cool.
You know, I honestly expect the ship to become canon. Because Daisy expects it to happen, and I've yet to see Daisy be wrong about anything in this comic.