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Oh my god she committed a cardinal sin against artists.
Oh, Hylia, did Malon stab Ganon with some kind of AC-style hidden blade while checking his gender?
Zelda's got a really long neck here.
Neither rain nor snow nor gl om of ni t shall stay these mes engers abo t their duty.

-moblin's with sticks
-all sorts of dragons
-Huje green things with teeth
-Any kinds of black lynels with orange manes
-Rains of bokoblin's

(before you say anything, it's supposed to be misspelled)
I noticed this comic before but never really felt like reading it because I wasn't much of a Zelda fan. And then BotW came along and made me a Zelda fan. And now I'm here.
The dark side has never looked so tempting.
*sigh* Celebi, please stand by. I think we might be needing you again.
How far you've come...
Giving the main villain a fake name... Sasha, you are instantly the smartest nuzlocke protag I have ever seen
You've completely blown your cover and possibly messed up the plan, Kotone, but you looked COOL AS SHIT doing it.
Your Gold genes are showing, Ruby.
A lot of people saying he should attack Thad now, while his only hand is occupied.

Still not smart. Thad would report back to Team Rocket, and they'd probably send someone more competent after him then. And he'd be in even worse trouble.

So now, Atty's going to have to beat the grass gym without Dragonthing. And then he'll go on a rescue mission through the Celadon hideout. Maybe.
You got banned? What for?
"What did those idiots do this time?"
As badass as you are, Surge, I'm pretty sure the main bad guy specializes in Ground types. The talk might be the wrong kind of painful. know, Matt Smith would probably be a good casting for Bill.
@H0lyhandgrenade: How many of them were given to him by Dragonthing when he tried to capture him?
Crys still OP plz nerf.

I'm kidding. Plz don't nerf once was enough.
You said you wanted Courtney to be part of the story? Welp, congratulations. She's the part whose entrails we all want to roast on a spit.