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One year bonus.
and here comes the name rater!
I don't get it
that pikachu is probably the librarian
@LightBlueBlaze: I don't get why she can't bring her along. It's just working at a shop stand.
Now I see why Atticus is the mom.
Poor Koko doesn't understand that he wants to go away.
Don't worry, everything's fine ^_^. Nothing bad will happen ^_________^.......
I was able to put 2 and 2 together with that unused content.
I recognize that arm
Had to look for several seconds before I noticed why it's called "The Hill"
No one could live that
I wonder who his parents really were.
These pages are very well made. I can see this comic going big.
no way this will end well
She will become a zoroark and then become scared of what she once saw.