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My stories hit me no matter where I am, so I'm often tapping away at my laptop, a story buzzing in my head.
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@Elizabeth Weadick: Thank you.
@Becky Farb: Thank you! I absolutely hate drawing Silas mad - especially at Selina.
@Alex M: Yeah, poor guy....
@Elizabeth Weadick: All I can say is that Ryleigh is a little shocked since Silas rarely reacts like this...
@maria: Thank you, Maria! I hoped this plot twist wouldn't be obvious, but still wanted to keep people guessing...
I bet that took forever to draw! I love all the details like the blades of grass, cracks in the large stone cubes, and those trees in the background. Well done!
@Alex M: Agreed!
@Anselme: Oh no, you do not suck! The fact that you can speak a little of any foreign/multiple languages is awesome!
Hablo un poco de espanol tambien, pero no esta perfecto...Necessito practicar mas....
@Alex M: Ha ha, nice! Were you both on Skype when you pulled it up or something? We should do that sometime. I love seeing/hearing about first reactions and such.

And yeah, I wish I could have shown the ring to look more melted, but yes, it's definitely misshapen since the fire partially melted it.

And definitely - although don't even feel bad at all for the doppelganger. It was just a lifeless shell that Vellian was controlling like a puppet. In fact, in the first drafts of this story, I called it a "puppet-clone," but "doppelganger" sounds a lot cooler.
Just loving the landscapes! And are those Capybaras?!
@MJ Neal: Thank you! I had to research what burned satin and charred flesh look like. Ew, that was a fun reference picture to work from. Haha.
@Anselme: Aww, well I mean, you can if you want to...
@Anselme: I'm sure you will!
@Anselme: No, I don't think it's wrong, per se. The usual phrase is "Grace us with his presence" so if you want to change it to "Grace us with his face" that would work, too.
Now, I'm curious, what IS your first language? :-)
@Becky Farb: As far as he's concerned, he thinks he might be speaking with some kind of shape-shifting sorceress who killed Selina to try and take her place or something. He's kinda freaking out.
@Elizabeth Weadick: Thank you! I absolutely hated drawing him mad at her. :-( so I'm glad it doesn't feel weak.
Lol - is the Kirin's name "Chika"? If so, that's adorable.
@Kawainohia: Wow - great memory, yes, she wasn't completely honest about Vellian when she first came to them - mostly to protect herself. Yeah...there's lots of sketch stuff going on...
I love how the glare panel is a really dramatic one! And the perfect dodge part made me laugh.

I hear you about the cost of living and writing woes. :-( There's lots of forums online and whatnot for that kinda thing - sorry I don't know any off the top of my head. But you'll figure it out, hon, don't sweat it.
@Alex M: I mean, that's implied, too. Daggers are known for their lethal-ness!