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My stories hit me no matter where I am, so I'm often tapping away at my laptop, a story buzzing in my head.
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@Guest: Ha ha! Your comments are always so creative. :D
@RG2Cents: It was very uncomfortable to land on two pages ago! And thanks!
@chaosDesigner: Aww, everyone's concern for Selina this whole story just warms my heart...
@MJ Neal: Hahaha! I almost choked on my lunch!
@Ti-ti: Thanks a mil, Ti-ti! :D
@Ben W: Thanks so much, Ben! It's crazy to me that I hit page 100, too! And yeah! I can see the LOTR similarity!
@Rateus: Thanks! I try to explain things as fast as possible, haha.
@Alex M: In my world, dragons speak telepathically, and while Selina can speak to one person at a time, she's speaking to the whole room here, so Silas actually can hear her. Honestly, it doesn't matter too much though.
And yeah! It was refreshing to get back to the original color pallet for a few panels! The glowing pink in panel 4 is Vellian's magic. Because as soon as Selina shape-shifted into a dragon, she sensed the magic, and looked to her left toward the throne room, seeing Vellian fighting Silas. So the pink sparkly thing shows as if the magic had just caught Selina's eye.
And thanks!
Oooh - I love the look of this page. Almost like it was carved? :-)
@Rateus: Haha, and I like it! :D
@Alex M: Very observant!
But yeah, it never made sense to me that clothing stayed in tact or would disappear and reappear with transformation unless it was magic, too.
@Elizabeth W.: Thank you!
Page 100! Woo!

Side note: I want to make something clear with Selina's powers. She can only sense danger and Vellian's magic when she's in dragon form. In her human form, she's just like everyone else.
@Ben W: #notforSilasthough;-)
@chaosDesigner: Oh I'm a doofus XD hahaha
@chaosDesigner: You weren't wrong at all! A couple more seconds and he would have been skewered.
@Kosta: Thanks! It's nice to see how it's changed over time. And uh, I don't think so. I have used the same tablet and program since 2013.
@Kosta: Thanks! I definitely experimented with dragon-Selina's look and wanted the hands to be more articulate and less like reptilian claws. You have to admit Selina's nails are more impressive than Vellian's! XD
@Ben W: #readyfortheplottogetbetter