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My stories hit me no matter where I am, so I'm often tapping away at my laptop, a story buzzing in my head.
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These are scary as [redacted] patronesses.
@Clare Freng: Aww, thank you, Clare.
it's just gone from bad to OHPLEASENOWHATISHAPPENING?
@MJ Neal: le poof, and oh yeah, she's done it before. Although she can't teleport very far and it's dangerous to teleport somewhere she can't see. And since she can't heal herself either, she hasn't just blindly teleported into the castle to attack the king or something. Would have been very risky. Besides, this bloodshed with her army seemed more fun.
@Becky F: Poor Silas, he's had at least two heart attacks already today. And thank you!
@Cookie: Surprise! (But not in a good way) and hi, Cookie, glad to see you here XD
@Rateus: Her one true weakness...monologuing!
@Rateus : Psh, bad guys/gals don't care what's fair or not.
@Alex M: Aren't you glad I'm not taking a break for vacation THIS week?
@Clare Freng: Cuddly Dragon Cows :D
@Clare Freng: Hi Clare! Thank you, I'm so glad you like it. And did I meet you at MadisonCon?
Run, Dream Prince, RUN!
@Rateus: True.
@Livin4thelamb: At least it wasn't like this:
@chaosDesigner: Ha ha, the same thing happened to me in Florida! Except that locals saw how pale I was at first and immediately told me to be careful and not burn...I was like...okay, I know I'm pale, but it's not that bad! XD
@Emily H.: hee hee, thanks!
@Elizabeth W. : I am! Went swimming in the ocean a few days ago and had lots of fun. Thanks for asking!
@Kawainohia: Yes! Mission accomplished.
@Rateus : XD