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My stories hit me no matter where I am, so I'm often tapping away at my laptop, a story buzzing in my head.
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Since Selina couldn't lift anything heavy before, discovering all the practical applications of her dragon powers would be fun.
@Mordekaiser97: Yay! I'm glad you found me and the comic! Thanks so much for your comment! 😁
@RG2Cents:Thanks! I've been looking to use textured brushes more often, they're fun.
@Hannah: Thank you for your kind words! :D
Because of the break this week for Pop Con, please enjoy this great fan art by RockyDrago! I just love her style! :D Thanks, Rocky!

Please check out her art here:
He knew he would wear it one day; he just didn't know it would be this soon.

Side note: I will be taking a break next week since I'll be a vendor at Pop Con. But I'll be posting something next Monday anyway. See you then!
@Alex M: What dress? Her original dress was destroyed! ;-)

I am going to be a comic con in two weeks! Please check out my news post about it on my main page (link below) and I hope to see you there!
@RockyDrago: Definitely not how either of them pictured it would go.
@Rateus: You and the king must think alike!
Hey, just as a side note, I've updated the vote incentive picture at Top Web Comics. It's a picture I just finished of Silas and Selina done in copic markers. You can check it out by either selecting the button at the top of the page, or following the link below:

Thank you!
@Brother Parvus: Wow! I didn't think anyone would find that until I announced it Monday! So glad you liked it, thanks!
@Brother Parvus: I really considered it, but because Selina's magic is internal (I go in more depth in the comments on Page 109: her healing magic can't treat anyone else.
@Ti-ti: Considering I used Whit as part of the inspiration for Richard's look and tone, I agree :/
You've actually seen this guy before, he was on Page 039.
He was out on the battlefield praying over fallen soldiers.
@Rodrigo: Thank you very much!