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As interested as I am to see what the page says, I gotta point out, the blanket in the first panel are super well drawn and look comfy!
@Becky Farb: Thanks so much, Becky!
@MJ Neal: Thank you very much! And yes, good catch! Ryleigh usually doesn't refer to the Prince by his first name, but this is an extreme circumstance. Since she came to live at the castle nineteen years ago, she and Silas grew up together. So even though she's officially the bodyguard, she can't help but think of him as a little brother she would die for. And it goes both ways, Silas thinks of her as a protective, older sister.
@Elizabeth Weadick: Thanks! It's pretty safe to say that both are having a pretty bad night.
@nancy: Thanks!
Ha ha, is Zatatchi excited to see what he's writing in the sixth panel or keeping Paollo's head upright? I feel like either is still pretty adorable.
@Alex M: Thanks so much! I'm definitely allowing myself to experiment more and I'm pretty happy with the results.
@Narnianexile: HAHAHA! I seriously just had to cover my laugh with a coughing fit because I'm at work right now. But yes! I didn't even think about that until now XD She really is bridezilla!
@Narnianexile: Haha! Yes! I wish we could post gifs on this site. It's pretty much how I communicate online.
@Narnianexile Thank you! It was especially fun coming up with the dramatic shadows and sunbeams.
I literally don't know what's best, Paollo's morning stubble, the attempt to shove the pencil up his nose, or the look on Tatami's face in the last panel. It give me the impression like this is the 1000th time this has happened XD
@Alex M: Ah HA! I wondered who would point that out! Thanks!
@Becky Farb: Thanks so much! :D
@Anselme: "Honey! How could you?!"
@MJ Neal: Thank you! I've really enjoyed designing Ryleigh's character and determining her look. I've definitely blended some cultures: she's wearing a saree (a typical Indian type of attire) and her sword is a mixture between a scimitar (Arabian sword) and a talwar (Indian sword). Even her full name: Ryleigh Hamia Abhibhaavak, is a mixture of Arabic and Hindi words.
And yes, me too :-( Poor guy has to watch what appears to be his new wife about to be torched.
@Elizabeth Weadick: Yeah! It's Ryleigh's job to keep the royal family safe. Whoops. Dragons usually don't come up in the job description.
I've missed these guys so much ;u; Tatami is still rocking the beard, I see. <3
I spy Zatachi horns!

And ooh, love the beam of light through the tent flap.
@Kawainohia: He's not the only one...heh heh.
@Alex M: Yeah! Don't worry, he's not concussed. ;-) Although maybe it would be better if he got knocked out for this next part...