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My stories hit me no matter where I am, so I'm often tapping away at my laptop, a story buzzing in my head.
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@Anselme: Awkward situations make the world go round!
@Elizabeth Weadick: Thanks!
@Becky Farb: Aw, who needs armor when you have magic?
@MJ Neal: This made me laugh really loud in an empty parking lot....
@Anselme: Oh my goodness, thank you so much. I was questioning some of my art skills recently so I find this really encouraging. Thank you. ;u;
@Alex M: Excellent! Thanks, and yes, she is wearing a crown, good eye. It's made of black precious stone that the Underworld calls "Aspar."
@Guest: No, Monty Python quotes are always appropriate! Haha.
I love how Paollo is always so pleasant and polite even in the face of peril ^^
@Alex M: Thanks so much! I intentionally try to leave details for people to find on a second, third, or maybe even fourth read-through.
@Molly'sMan2013: Thank you! Grins are always scary if there are pointy teeth involved.
@MJ Neal: I can confirm that Clawfoot beef tastes really spicy. You would never need hot sauce!
@Becky Farb: Thank you! And yes, "villainess" - might be my new favorite word. Haha
@Elizabeth Weadick: Thank you! And yeah, poor Terran, he's seen better days...
@kawainohia: Ha ha, I know right?
Awww, good catch. And love the paneling on this page, too!
In case it's not obvious by now, Silas' mom is no longer around - she died of tuberculosis when he was six years old and now he is the only heir to the throne. Which is one reason King Richard wants to ensure his safety.

On a happier note, it's cameo time again:

The guy in the glasses to the left of Silas is based on someone named Pastor Chris: one of the coolest people I know. :-)

Going counter-clockwise, the left-handed golden armor guy is Xander Taerg, based on my friend Alex! Perhaps you remember him from before:

The soldier with sandy-colored hair next to Xander is a character named Vanyel. He's a cameo of a good friend of mine named Nathan. In real life, Alex and Nathan are friends, so it makes sense that in the story Xander and Vanyel are buddies too.
I ride the dragon cow.
@Anselme: They all look difficult to draw!

I bet that took forever to draw...