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My stories hit me no matter where I am, so I'm often tapping away at my laptop, a story buzzing in my head.
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@Kacey: Thank you kindly! Reference photos are everything!
@MJ Neal: Indeed it is!
The second half of the backstory is now available on my Patreon! Click the link below:

I've written over 110 pages in total of the events that took place before Doppelganger. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did writing it.

Now is the perfect time to join my Patreon as well since I will be uploading new drawings every week during the month of September with sketches and fun Everpresent-themed art challenges.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for Book Two, which will start October 7th!

See you then.
By the way, last Thursday was the third anniversary of this webcomic! Yaaaay!
To go to my Patreon, click [HERE]
Hope you guys are having a nice summer.
And we've finished Book One! Wooo!

This webcomic has been a crazy, fun experience over the past three years and I hope you enjoyed it!

Book Two will be released in two months as I take a break to breathe, build up buffer pages, and work on some new stuff. Don't worry though, keep an eye out here during the summer for announcements. I'm planning starting a Patreon, releasing a two-part backstory, and more.

See you then. Thanks for being an amazing group of readers. :D
@MJ Neal : Precisely! :-)
(Whoa, didn't even notice you picked it up...)

Hey all, the next page is the last page of book one! :O
@Guest: Pffff hahaha.
@RG2Cents: Huh, I hadn't thought about it like that, but don't worry! There's no reason to be nervous. :-)
@Alex M: Thanks! It was fun to draw. Haha, and of course writers are concerned about the archives. No worries though. I imagine Selina can help rebuild whatever has collapsed.
@Rateus: It's Bravo Cauda (AKA Carrot) He's shown up before :-) On
Happy Independence Day to my American readers :D I usually draw something to celebrate and give the comic a break for a week, but because I took a break for PopCon (and book one is almost done) I didn't want to make you wait longer to see more of these two <3
@RG2Cents: I would imagine it's silver or some kind of white gold. :-)
@Brother Parvus: Nothing like an embarrassed grimace XD Thanks!
See Page 064 for a refresher!
@Alex M: Thank you! And great question. He was coronated by the same Church Father who married them. As for Selina, yes she does. Next page will have more details.
@MJ Neal: Yes, I always thought old castles and structures would have been so much easier to build with modern technology (or a dragon) :-) And yeah, I've always written Richard and Silas to be close, so it's hard to see him without his dad.
Since Selina couldn't lift anything heavy before, discovering all the practical applications of her dragon powers would be fun.