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I originally had the Bee Movie script here but it was too long
Wow. So this is a black comic
Wait... So you changed the comic page after April Fools? Can you please upload the april fools one somewhere?
You should add the fan number to the Faq. Oh! And don't forget to change the character stuff
@Guest: To lazy, sorry. Anyway, go on the SSEC homepage, go on BG eevee news, and Pinkeevee shouldn't have a link to tge list
Is the theme the eevees wandering around after escaping the lab/during the lab?
@Pinkeevee222: I always thought that Blizz was just having a dream and forgot that he's a Glaceon
At first I thought it was only one blade, than I realized there was another on the end, than I realized there was one on each thing
@Nashew: The mist around Elysium is a mist-ery
I don't mean to be rude, but why is Patreon on the poll? I mean, I've never made a Patreon, but if it's like making a social media account, it should only take a minute, and than you can relax.
@Pinkeevee222: I knew how to use it cause my teo people I know helped me. But, because you might not, heres the trick: press random buttons until you figure things out
I suggest you get Medibang Paint so you can draw on your phone
@PJSam: *you get a turn* *Vagus gets distracted and drops it*
@42Meep: My-cahl-ee-iss
Why did you put "The Eeveeolves" on the header?
@Darkstripe AF: Hold up loser! You're light years away from facing Pinkeevee!
@Silver the Eevee: Ahh! Fire no water, I get it. RAZOR LEAF
Can we PM you backround characters?
One of the most underated, unappreciated, innocent eeveelution, is the one with the coldest glare