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b rr. so what HAPPENED when i was gon!! ? smackjeevies got an updaet? horribil. absolutely disgusting. it made me cry and go an listen to my favrit band kidzbop for MANY MONTS before i realised that luv is reely in the frends u maek and not in kidzbop. i cry.

even that hansom and beetiful man donal trumpet bein predent cannot mak me happer bc?? i engerlanish!!

i mad a tumbl so peeps can ask me, a beutiful, many qwestion. there go
sorry 4 the braek. pages wil b slow so baer with me
heer we hav majic n aqua. magic is a espeon who in LURRRV wiv shadow n he luvs her bak BUT! THEY DO NOT KNO!! only crush

then aqwa is boring and grumpy. he not lik shad becuz he luv magic an he hate mahic cuz she not like him back ;)
@Midday: YE! HE ANGERY N EVUL NOW!! >:w
@My name is not Silver: um?!?!?!?!!? RUDE
thanx to all the kind things people say abt my comic! I have 7 fans now!! yeah!!

hope u liek this page!! pls plusFav
oh noes!! a witch
what happens next? FIND OUT! WHEN! I UPDATE!!