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Nothing about me would really interest you. Just enjoy the comics :p
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May 5th, 2015
@ GabrielsThoughts
Check it out and find out! It has a lot of elements Boo has except it's a lot darker.

@ Ren Fowl

Maybe one day. I miss Boo too, but it needs to be redone, in my eyes. Plus the thing is so darn long that I'd be drawing it for 10 years.
May 3rd, 2015
It's fate!
May 2nd, 2015
Hey everyone! No, Boos' not back sadly, BUT there is a new comic series I've been working on. It's called Sineater and I think a lot of you who enjoy Boo will enjoy this.


Cassandra is an orphan. No family and no friends. Nobody to care for her except for an old homeless man names Potnik. Unfortunately, Cassandra is also the villages designates SinEater.

She is tasked with the burden of consuming the demons and evil inside every person crossing over to the next life. Cassandra is afraid. It is becoming increasingly difficult to bear one one of the heaviest burdens of all upon her shoulders: living with the sins of others.

Interested? You can buy it here!

We hope you check it out!

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Is it weird that I find Beetlejuice-Lucy sexier?
Oh dayum! Great page.
April 30th, 2014
People who speak good annoy me.
Goodbye anonymous guy. You shall be missed

Thanks for the advice and I agree. I'm going to be graduating from my college and I'm already in the middle of an internship (I guess that counts as an apprentiship).
It's all making sense now...
Those stares!
This is constantly how I feel with graduation almost here and all.
There's probably no downside to plan c.
Holy cow, she's got Flubber on her shoes! I'm really liking this chapter.
@ GabrielsThoughts

I've heard other people feel the same way. Thanks for the suggestions, I've been looking for new anime.

@ BlooEyedSpazz

This is pretty much the reason why I gave Attack on Titan a chance. I'm very picky when it comes to anime.
The first person to send me a drawing of all my fears combined will have my eternal love.
MAN'S best friend.
Or maybe it's because I suck.
April 3rd, 2014
I needed a low commitment comic to goof around with, so here we are. Hope you like it