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Okay. The only survivors will be(I hope):
Leon and vagus
Theseus(for suspence)
And Aimon.
@Guest: yes, I realized that theseus was from Greek legend a while back. In the myth, theseus sails back to Greece. I wonder if that means he'll make it to Elysium.
I would love to see this zoroark duke in action. He sounds menacing.
Is something wrong? I don't want to sound rude, but what's going on with you gigi?
Olly is basically the only one on board (besides Leon and vagus, obviously) that I care about!
Inb4 it's a swanna
*plays Pirates of the Caribbean theme song*
Now would be a good time to use that psychic link with del thingy.
That feeling when you know your command just happened.
Relax guys!
I'm sure that all blast seeds are FILLED WITH KETCHUP. :)
Same ish
@IomBur: the same thing is happening to me, my favorite pokemon is zoroark.
About the chickens
@cccviper653: don't count them before they hatch. I feel this comic is far from over, as a good comic has enough power to continue even after the first major story arc resolves.
Congratulations Theseus! You stabbed your own child! You should be proud of your PHENOMENAL parenting skills!
Decorating a Christmas tree be like...
Why do I imagine wingull talking in a Kermit the frog voice?
His heart
Thesseus plans to take his heart. Our of his chest.
When even the spiders look pessimistic, you know your chances can't be good.
What happens to Vagus...
Stays in Vegas. (Kill me now, that was terrible.)