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I like Pokemon, Dragons, Wolves, and Star Wars. Eevee is my Favorite Pokemon.
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@Kenny the fox: Aerodactyls are actually pushovers for me. (I'm a Squirtle, Water beats rock) My Cyndaquil partner though....not so much. But I could 1 hit KO them....though that still might be because I train alot.
Can I?
Can I make a cameo as a rainbow Eevee or a shiny Eevee named Issa?
@HimoriKenshi: Ok! Just wondering, because I was flipping through the comic again and I came across the pages with them.
What about Team I-Dont-Know-Their-Name from the beginning comics? You know, the team with the Eevee, Oshawott, and Pikachu? You said they were going be be team Poketerra's rivals, yet I haven't seen them in a long time. Their not even on the character page. Have they been forgoten about?
Where did the purple armor thing on Kabutop's head go here? did he just not have it yet?
@Kenny the fox: Its not crappy, Its actraully pretty good! ( Forgive me, I can't spell it :( ) Nice job!
Ah,Pokemon Explorers of Time memories....I was a Squirtle, my partner was a Cyndaquil. *Sigh* We were least against anything but Dragonites and Dialga. Feels nice to read a comic with them in it...
I feel like....
I feel like the Elite 4 are each unlike others of their species in their type. For example, Serperior is fire type, Braxien is water type, Emploeon is electric type,and Raichu, no, Aloan Raichu maybe, is grass type.

Am I right or wrong? However the answer, I'm pretty sure that Green mouse is Aloan Raichu.
Sorry, one last idea!
What if it was her home that the hyper beam destroyed?
Umbreon's have red eyes! The necklace could be a claw of some sort.....Pokemon who can know hyper beam are:
Porygon 2

And the Ninetails (Was it a Ninetails? I'm not sure) Who said it couldn't be her without her necklace, what if they fired the hyper beam? By TM, they could learn it, too.
Plus, that Umbreon....Maybe it is her brother or something?
I feel like there is an Espeon involved, it and Umbreon can learn hyper beam as well....SUDDEN IDEA! What if it was a Pokemon like Yveltal......

Ok, Thats all for my guessing. I will leave now.
....Quartz's Reason....
His reason is exactly why I do the things I do (Be stupid and annoy people and disobey my parents). Ok, well, not EXACTLY, but to be funny. Everyone likes funny.