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@Guest: it's most likely adoption. Priest (& priestesses) are not supposed to have sex. Ever. If I’m thinking correctly, they’re essentially ‘married’ to god and they’re supposed to be celibate for the most part.
@K: I see what you mean with her looking older but it's also probably the clothes. That style of dress is more form fitting than the clothes we've seen her in, and that probably makes her look a bit older
She could easily be his younger sister?? Or like others mentioned, Neice, or cousin.
@Rainbowgurl23: no?? Tobi has 12 sisters and 11 brothers,
I really like those eyes
Can I Cosplay this guy
Oh yikes
@samdied: Lucas doesn’t seem like the kinda of guy who would sexually abuse or assault anyone? plus the lack of it on Charlotte’s corpse would be an indicator of it not likely happening ever in his victims, just torturous existences and probably stuff like what Ben showed Rudy from Redroom recordings
Oh shit
I get that Ludwig wasn't the best dad, or even a good one but I don't think he'd take Luther if he hadn't said yes
Oh yikes
What heist?
Oh my god
Why did his grandpa wear such gothic / emo shit
This dude, Amiright?
Good Adam