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And then Hyde ruined everything :P
I was just wondering that. XD
So Henry and Lanyon both have different mental worlds. I can only imagine what Utterson or Carew's would be like XD
@DaBibliophile: I'd say he and Hyde share antagonist roles XD
I just noticed that the pictures are of characters we've seen! There's Daisy Bonnay, Utterson, and someone named Sara, and I think the torn-up one is Jekyll's father.
Oh man, this reminds me of the Jekyll and Hyde radio drama where Hyde was always in Jekyll even as a child!
Lanyon's gonna die. And not like he did in the book. XD
Careful, Lanyon, that just means he has to stay out of sight! XD
What's even worse is the thought that Hyde might LIKE this idea.
Well that explains the cigars...
I imagine Hyde is just rolling his eyes at all this and plotting to regain control.

It's kinda suspicious he hasn't yet.
Something tells me Daisy already knows.
@Guest: I feel bad for laughing at this XD
Carew has sisters too? :O
Oswald used DynamicPunch! It's super effective.
Every time I think I've got this comic figured out there's suddenly new characters!
What a beautiful page!
So THIS is Daisy!
@CLP: No worries ^^ From '86 to '94 or thereabouts her name was Lisa, while on Broadway and afterwards it was Emma. (Though a show of the full gothic work, based on the '94 album, had the name change back to Lisa.)

Poor Miss Carew. So many names, so little screen time XD
@CLP: Jekyll didn't have a fiancee/wife in the book; that detail came from the first play adaptation of the story and most adaptations since have used it. The versions I'm aware of have named her Agnes, Millicent, Muriel, Bea, Helen, Lisa, Emma, Kitty, Elisabeth, Lily, Claire, and Ann. (This comic named her Jillian, but then Hyde killed her XD)

The bad-girl Hyde lusts for has been given the names Rebecca, Gina, Ivy, Lucy, Maria, Elizabeth, Isabella, and Cybel across various adaptations. (This comic named her Ann-Marie!)