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Heyho mates, I am a Pokemon who loves to play video games, and has recently started drawing stuffs.

(Insert random stuff about me)
Please check out my comic and the rest of that stuffs.
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    There are some who call me... Twiggs
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Eyes everywhere
@Nintenduck: Reported for spoiling the entire plot of SSEC
*smashbros announcer voice* THE WINNER IS

He didn't *measure* up to the ruler
I thought it was a vine whip for a moment >.>
Probably gonna save the next page for next week, couldn't get it finished on time
Seriously, How does this have almost 20 fans =v=;
Bally looks so Exotic~
dat's convienient
@Guest: I just solved a lot of stuff on my own, occasionally ask for confirmation
I forgot to upload it two days in a row ^-^"
*one punch theme plays
@Guest: no, you were right about Dusk having blue eyes. The fantheory is wrong, but Tina made Dusk change eye color when he evolved
@Guest: Bolt's power is not speed, the eye glowing happens during the powers but not because of the powers, as shown from when Dusk talked to Scull and when Blizz saw the cool computer.
The eevees that were sent to the lab all have powers from the lab, but there are also "Inherit" powers if anyone even PAYED ATTENTION TO THE EEVEE LIST they would see a lot of the eevees have them.
as seen from the ask blog, Eve has sora's powers and someone elses too (tina would yell at me if I said what they are), None of them change personality when their powers activate (aside from Oliver maybe), Jay is a coping mechanism and has no power of their own, Dusk specifically changes eye color when he is agitated, which is why he did it when he was angry at harmony, and a part of Bolt's power is to see Troll and Whimp, but that is just a fragment of it.
also, Stan and John can also see Troll and Whimp, and argueably should be the ones the 2 spirits go around for a reason that Discord users would understand
March 29th, 2018
March 23rd, 2018
A meanie used Pin Missile!
As the protagonist of a shonen anime, you must live with the loss... what do you mean this is a webcomic? NANI??