I'm from Chile
I love my son
I love yaoi
I like drawing though I don't have enough time
I hate fights and trouble
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    Vania Garrido
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Oh my goodness
Jajajajajajajaj just for a kiss, it was totally worth it btw XD admit it
This page is heaven
Aaaah how sweet!!!
He wants the booty... And being tied up
Hiro, you made my baby boy Taka feel rejected! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow! You no longer deserve the friendship bracelet
I knew it :3 now all we need is sexy nurse Taka
Hiro alzó named him when he thought he was going to play videogames with Taka...
Did Taka just forget his bag in the subway?
Jajajajajaja mom's un this cómic are the best. They're my role model
I still think Hiro is sick
Spaghetti is the answer to everything

I bet un the next page, Taka is with a puppy face asking to see Giro or shouting to him "WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!"
No, Taka. You have to ve the sexy nurse! And heal him with an injection... A big fat injection full of love ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Maybe both, sweety
Idiots don't get sick. I thought Taka would say that
Nos let's pray for sexy nurse Takashi
I'm glad you have good people around you :3 except for the guy who stole your bike
About the page... It's not what I wanted, but I'm satisfied
Sorry, I just love the kisses ^3^
By the way, I just realized Hiro is a little bit taller than Takashi... I'm the worst reader ever
Everytime I try to workout in my place I end up cleaning and by the time it's all clean and ready... my son wakes up

About the page, please make him turn around an kiss him again... or more
I blushed... ME!! I don't know why, but I'm blushing
Oh my God! Are they going to kiss?! Please! Make them kiss!!!!