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I'm from Chile
I love my son
I love yaoi
I like drawing though I don't have enough time
I hate fights and trouble
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    Vania Garrido
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C'mon, Hiro!!! You were born to make history! :v but you should say that it hurts y'know...
My nose is bleeding... Oh my God. I have been waiting for this for so long... :'v
Oh my Goodness, I laughed so hard I woke up muy son. Dear God... Takashi, that so... I can't even find a word for you, how dare you?! XD
Just seeing that my legs opened... Hiro, open your ass to him... I-I mean heart...
If Takashi says "Then I'll be bottom", I'm gonna cry gay happy tears forma hours
Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!! I love you!
He's so adorable he even googled how to have anal sex. Is he the best or what? Hiro, you should just open your legs wide and take it like a man
Hiro.exe just stopped working
Best page so far. I hope Hiro gets what Taka means XD
Do you curl your eyelashes? Is that mascara? You're so gay, Hiro
So many memes in my mind right now...
Best birthday present ever ❤

Sorry to know that you're sick, I hope you feel better soon
Me... As a mom who loves and respects he kid... Would totally do that jjajajajajaaja

Moms un this comic are top moms, total rol models
I see MasaxYuu coming... Let me dream XD
Hiro wants some more touching :3
Oh my goodness
Jajajajajajajaj just for a kiss, it was totally worth it btw XD admit it
This page is heaven
Aaaah how sweet!!!
He wants the booty... And being tied up
Hiro, you made my baby boy Taka feel rejected! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow! You no longer deserve the friendship bracelet