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I just wanna draw comics of my own is all~ Please enjoy 'em! <3
@VelvetRainbow: Soris' scarf is also Joseph Joestar's scarf :3c
Oh bOY FIGHTING. Decided to go for something different on the comic panels in regards to the fight scenes, going different from the first fight, the one with Soris and the Nidorino. I'm loving how this looks!!
And then they died. Time for these 4...I mean 3 to prove their selves as capable explorers!
I started this comic on August 7th of last year and it's grown a whole lot in time, goodness where has the time gone....

But I'd like to say sit here and say thank you to everyone thats been reading this comic and sticking with it, despite the rough update times! It honestly makes me feel really good that people are interested in this, even when it gets a little far-fetched at times....again, thank you! On behalf of me and the others who've been working hard on this comic as well. Chapter 1 is almost done and hope to head on to Chapter 2 soon!
Rubber plz calm down its not that serious, also oh hi thats a really big bug oh gosh
NEW COVER IMAGE, decided to do this since I lost the file to the old one, and sorry for the lack of any page updates, I'll make sure this story keeps on trucking...
I forgot I drew this a long time ago, deciding to post here too cause its cute as heck~
There he goes! And honestly, I really just wanna draw Soris and Historia interacting more, since I can somehow pull more fun things with them when they talk to each other

It is, but it's cool, im just REALLY bad at grammar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hohjeez this took a bit to get to, but going for something different and making the pages more shorter

Anyways, Rubbers still pretty hotheaded and Ra's still...dying, yeah, and the chapters about halfway through, with the team coming up close to their first big battle!
Tfw this comic already starts with a slight hiatus ;v; BUT UPDATE TIME, next page showing off Sissy's first battle with her first Pokemon!
I really love doing Historia & Soris' shenanigans, theyre pretty much partners at this point lmao
Anyways it seems that the team is back together again, with a new friend to help them through Fluorescent Forest!
@Tehpikachu: Yeahhhh it is, but I wont be spamming evo's or have another one for a while after the first 2, so its whatever honestly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aw shOOT SON, don't mess with Rubber apparently
And it begins! The journey of a lifetime...
*POSES* So, I decided to do a whole nuzlocke challenge, a bit of a side thing as I do my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story. Hope this goes good and fun!!

So the team has been separated into pairs in probably the worst way possible...r u n n i n g.

Next page you get to see Historia and Soris together. I dont think thats going to end well lol
I kinda rushed this page, so sorry about that, I kinda got a new comp recently ;w;
But! Other than that, looks like the team will be split into pairs after Rubber and Ra suddenly disappearing in the matter of a split second
Aaaaaaand a new page uploaded! After like, so long, oF NO UPDATES. Whatever, but looks like things has gotten pretty tense pretty fast, and now theyre all on their own from this point onward in Fluorescent Forest
I tried to make it look as best as I could, but the feather was supposed to slide against the ground as Historia fell on her side, showing a something-something

But, yeah! Glad to have this page out on time really, next update will be in Fluorescent Forest ;w;