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I just wanna draw comics of my own is all~ Please enjoy 'em! <3
Back updating this comic, and now in FULL COLOR HDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Ive already had this page colored, and the next one, I was just too lazy at the time to update ahah
But at this point in the comic I was grinding and got Bertie and Beth to evolve, mainly because I didn't want to lose to Brock =w=;;
Rita still stands as one of my favorite characters ahah uwu
Apparently its Everyone Hate On Soris Day
I love doing faces for Marja just for the fact that she's done with literally everyone and everything
@Experiment04LLZ: Not much long when comparing chapters, but it'll be mentioned~
@LightEclipse: Historia has Speed Boost! It's something that I thought she should have, but haven't expanded upon just yet 'v '
Holy HECK, first off, I wish I had time to do any Christmas or New Year pics, Ill try next time ;v;
Second wooooo starting off Chapter 2!
Honestly Chapter 1 felt very slow and not much going on, bit of a hindrance, if you will. But now that we're done with that and onto a new chapter, I feel very fresh and progressed!! ouo/

Uploading the first page so I can kick things off. Other than that, it'll go back to regular double updates

But other than that, looks like Historia and Soris have been doing their own time after the uhh...what happened between Rubber and Ra ahah
@VelvetRainbow: Overall yeah! ouo/ More peeps we know we be added as authors and whatnot over time~
*claps hands together&* And chapter 1 is finally done! I'm really hoping it all came out at least decently! ;v; ;;
Ahhhhh I do wanna thank any and all people who reads this, the comments and amount of readers is what keeps me going <3

Start of Chapter 2 will be begin a couple or few days after Christmas ahah
Same, Soris... =w=;; And oh boy WHOS THAT FLYING BY :thinking:
@Experiment04LLZ: It's just a normal cubone skull helm lol, Rubbers just bigger and stronger than Ra
Marja asking the real questions oh no
Tfw Soris would rather not help and encourage fighting that stronger Weavile
"Surprise, bet you thought you seen the last of me"
The gang is back in town finally! And immediately things are starting to go downhill again!