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I just wanna draw comics of my own is all~ Please enjoy 'em! <3
Rubber please stop with the spit-takes

Been a bit hesitant on this page for a while since I didnt think I'd handle this topic or type of thing very well when I was reviewing the summary of this our writer wrote :0c
But I gotta take my chances and gamble of course
@Toxic_Drummer: Oh no its cool! I actually appreciate the notice of any and all errors that got glossed over =w=
Nice spit take, Rubber
Also gosh, I wish I could draw Young Kaito more, I love the design I did for him ;v;
@Truefan108: Felt generous enough today and currently in the mood, so I felt a double update was appropriate =w=
I love Marja a lot =w= She's like one of my best characters, in my opinion
Well dang ;; What a mood change
Edit: Oof, got pointed out that I uploaded the page twice on accident, I really need to get back into the swing of things
@LightEclipse: Yes yes yes! We all just decided to go ahead and added everyone who was cooperating on this comic!~ c:
@Toxic_Drummer: Oh sfjalbfal yeah it is, sorry about that, didn't notice ahah ;;
I love the faces on this one tbh =w= Also sad because I honestly love Nidoran Rita there but thats probs the only time she'll be shown as that???
This is the one that kinda put a bump in my road but idk why ;v;
Shout out to @siku and @Prheatty for helping me on the dialouge
This page and the next page after this one arent my personal faves and took me a bit to even finish but ahhh whatever, yknow?
Wow an actual update omg
But hello! For the most part we're all back and happy to work on this again, putting an end to the hiatus!
I'm only doing one page today but I'll get back to 2 page updates next time we update!
@Flamel: I mean I'm more than willing to help you understand whats been going on so far!
@Flamel: Oh? What are you confused about? :0c