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Whoo! Lucky number 13! Looking forward to it.
Comedy blacker than Atty's lungs.
That passive aggression is exactly what's wrong with your marriage.
A fair question
Everything save the part where the reason he's doing this is she made a deal with him.

But there's a page yet, and the king is sharp. I imagine he'll ask why the fair is doing this to her specifically.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Ahh, I see. I read it in a Hispanic accent the first time around: "Jeemleader".
Chapter 1, Page 38, first panel
Never leave your children unattended at a fair. Well good night, honey.
"Geamleader" - little drunk, H0ly?
I was feeling lazy today so I decided to read this as previously I'd only been following Mokepon. Now I'm all caught up and I don't know what to do with myself. With the end relatively near, I'm already looking forward to whatever other work you start next.