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@Rose: I think the "face" of a fair appears to people according to their inner nature. As a child, she was a good person, and so he appeared youthful and handsome. Now, he is hideous, for so too is her heart.

That's why the mask was said to be the true face of the fair folk: because they personalize the mask how they want to be seen, rather than a reflection of their beholder's heart.
Love this arc
Poor kid - hope he at least gets a hug goodbye.
Whoo! Lucky number 13! Looking forward to it.
Comedy blacker than Atty's lungs.
That passive aggression is exactly what's wrong with your marriage.
A fair question
Everything save the part where the reason he's doing this is she made a deal with him.

But there's a page yet, and the king is sharp. I imagine he'll ask why the fair is doing this to her specifically.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Ahh, I see. I read it in a Hispanic accent the first time around: "Jeemleader".
Chapter 1, Page 38, first panel
Never leave your children unattended at a fair. Well good night, honey.
"Geamleader" - little drunk, H0ly?
I was feeling lazy today so I decided to read this as previously I'd only been following Mokepon. Now I'm all caught up and I don't know what to do with myself. With the end relatively near, I'm already looking forward to whatever other work you start next.