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I think I'll pass... I just... don't feel like it lol.
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    Nice attempt
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Hmmm... I see several shady characters over there. There's also an abundance of vehement cheekbones. Interesting...
@Negi: I think it'd be the perfect match, there'd be a constant struggle for domination in the sheets and that'd be hot af
Yessss the ship sails, at very last! So, is someone going to wake up this night with something weird poking him in the leg?
@ImmortalSword: I just saw! Thanks, BTW, you just messed up my GPA for the upcoming exams
@ImmortalSword: Woah woah woah what do you mean "free"?? Where? How do I get it?! I demand to know! Btw that kiss.... I greatly approve. Very much so, indeed.
Ohhhh and that's Ari's house... that's promising..
Dat subtle reference to LOTR...
@ImmortalSword: ImmortalSword, I regret to be the one to tell you this but your roommate does not wish you well.Your roommate is, in fact, a Russian Spy, in the personal service of President Putin, and she is trying to sabotage your comic. Before you ask, yes, this is how far your comic has gotten. Now, the plan revolves around having Nikita become the main love interest and then making it end catastrophically. It is to be used as propaganda, to show the population that Russians that engage in homosexual relationships don't end well. You need to resist your roommate's influence, you need to show Putin and the world that this is your comic, and no one's using it as propaganda, not on your watch. I suggest making an NSFW drawing infolving Nikita so as to make them believe that everything's going according to plan, and then proceeding with Cecil as main love interest and surprise then with your defiance. Good luck, ImmortalSword, and for the sake of your safety, trust no one.
Well topkek the overwatch thing killed me XD
Kick yourself out, it happens to the best of us
Hmm I can quite picture what "lesson in restraint" probably stands for...
Oh btw, huge fan of that kilt
Shit. Fuck. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.
December 23rd, 2018
@ImmortalSword: Hmmm... you leave me no option but to vehemently insist on my shipping...
December 23rd, 2018
OK wait please hold on. The one cuddling Sunny is Cecil, right?? Will's the one with the black t-shirt and Will's the one with the white one...
Can't really tell them apart in the last panel
December 9th, 2018
*I T ' S H A P P E N I N G*
November 27th, 2018
cEcIL iS iNtO iT cOnFuRmEeD
There, I said it. No regrets.
Huh. Sunny's looking strangely good on that last panel. Like, more than usual. That face of mischief. Suits him
@ImmortalSword: Rrrrighto. Need that thing in my life.
Does that shampoo bottle say "girly"?
Love that dick and whip design, I bet communism would've had much more success had it stood for those values!
(# stupid comment of the day that'll come bite me in the ass in the future)
Well hey, honestly, I love will and Nikita (Will wins me over tho, sorry not sorry) but I'm glad you've decided to raise the veto! The more interesting conclusions come from competition and experimentation, and the more available ships, the better the results will be. Also, I can't say no to Sunny X Sissy and Sunny X Markus, it's just beyond my control.