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Call him out, Ellie

I usually start and finish pages on Saturday so that I can queue them for Sunday, but I had to help my mom clean the house and set up for a quinceanera, and that took all day long x.x Then I figured I'd finish the page Sunday, but my friend asked to hang out, and since we all go to college in different cities I like to spend as much time as I can, and THEN today I discovered Planet Earth II so I watched a lot of that XD So yeah, this page is late because of a lot of reasons, but it's okay now v.v

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This is not canon!

I've just been in a Cecil x Ari mood recently, so any out-of-comic content I make has a high chance of involving them. I actually have drawn many of the characters as adults with different couples being endgame

Anyways, as of today it is the 2nd anniversary of Sunny Side! I never really imagined getting to this point, but I am. Thank you to everyone reading this comic, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see likes and comments on SS content <3
@M-24: As I planned >:)
@Negi: They've been friends since middle school, ignoring freshman and sophomore year when they were fighting. Before that point, these two, Ihlal and Jude used to rotate going to each other's houses all the time
(2/2) Double update! Go back by one in case you missed that page!

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(1/2) Double update because I didn't want to leave it at that XD

Character sheets will be updated at the end of the chapter since there's more to talk about Cecil's sexuality :) But you can guess that he's not straight. Sunny cannot. At the moment, he feels like he forced that kiss on Cecil and not that Cecil wanted to

Also, reminder that Idk which couple will be endgame XD I have actually never known, so every character interaction is a surprise to me too, but know that anything is possible

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No homo, bro. No homo.

When they were in middle school, Sunny and Cecil actually did act like this around each other

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@TigerShark: No!!! Study!!! Don't be like me XD
@DrSmile: The refs only show what the comic has revealed so far, like how before it was revealed that Nikita and Sunny sleep with each other occasionally, their refs showed they had no kind of romantic interest.

We'll see what the comic reveals about these characters >:3
@TigerShark: My friend showed it to me x.x
That's one way to apologize

A little late with this page because sims 4 is free right now and I bought it and got distracted x.x Also the Overwatch Anniversary event is going on XD

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Poor Will, no more spontaneous sleepover

I almost continued working on my game instead of this XD After the four hour drive from Dallas to Austin, I just wanted to sleep, but I managed to stay up :D Now my friends want to play overwatch, so now I must leave

edit: It's 12:12 am on monday where I'm at and I am only just now realizing this page didn't queue because I forgot to put a title and didn't notice, smh. And after I stayed up to finish this XD

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@MIDOxRI: Thanks for all the suggestions! Hopefully they'll make things go faster x.x . But here in college, or at least here in Texas universities, schools are ending right about now. My younger siblings, who are still in HS, still have school until early June
@MIDOxRI: It'll take a long while to finish, but when I am I'd most definitely release it. I'm most worried about backgrounds and background music, but summer break is technically here/technically in one week, so I have lots of time to work every aspect of it
Okay, so I was supposed to work on the newest page now that my papers are done and all I have left are my 3 exams, but I started another personal project x.x Jokingly I suggested making a visual novel to my friends then it stuck. I've been distracted with that for the past couple of days.

The above image is actually of two characters the player meets. The game will be a combination of both my fantasy webcomic (currently being rewritten) and Sunny Side characters because I was like, why not?

But since it's only finals week and there are no classes, maybe I can do this week's page? No promises because I'm terrible at keeping those in regards to drawing

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@CuteMissyCat: That's because the author is indecisive and half wants him to get together with almost all of them ;D

It's me.

I'm the indecisive author v.v
@whatiskanye: Maybe Beryl can officially move into the building then
Sunny get off his lap

Might redraw vines with my characters. Suggestions welcome!

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