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Another story :D I was so sad when I finished Doe of Deadwood, it's such a great story ;o;
Time to get that comfort ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I almost didn't update today, just like last week, because I have so much homework >.< More this time around than usual, especially since I got an exam on Tuesday, which sucks!!! If you go to school, don't be like me!!! "Due tomorrow, do tomorrow" is a horrible policy XD

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"There are times when they’ll look around a room only for everything around them to change before their very eyes. Beside them will stand someone that wasn’t there before, who will talk to them like nothing is wrong…They’ll hope, though they won’t know why, for it all to finally be real, it never is."

This page was actually one of my favorites to draw :D

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"These people, they saw not only in their dreams, but in their waking hours too. Sometimes, Gin will look into a mirror and instead of seeing herself, she will spot Yumina sitting in her room, braiding her hair or speaking to another soldier bearing bad news. The worst part is that visions like this are only considered minor annoyances to her and Hige."

Heh, check out my other webcomic as well, Sunny Side! It's a BL ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And don't forget to comment and subscribe!
Marcus, finally realizing he has competition: Oh...

Ha, this is part of me celebrating 500+ subscribers on Tapas! I had a couple requests over there including: This ask, posting all my unposted concept sketches, Hogwarts AU, Marcus and Sunny kissing, and then those I haven't drawn yet, like them cross-dressing and an ask about Sunny's dad. The concepts sketches, Hogwarts AU and Marcus & Sunny kissing can be found on Tapas --->

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@justw894: Whenever I want to show my friends I'm ready to fight someone, I look up "fight emoji" XD
All that's left to do is cry

I have extra art and stuff up on Tapas with plans to add more while celebrating 500+ subs over there! Some of it includes rough sketches I never posted anywhere, and some of the characters as their Harry Potter houses

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"Before anything else could happen, Gin woke up. She stared for a moment at the ceiling above, instead of at the dawning sky that was there only a second ago, before sighing and turning over. There was no one to her left, where she knew only through her dreams was Isuli’s favored position to sleep, though when she turned to her other side, Hige also lay awake, looking at her with that same melancholy expression. They stared at each other wondering why they always felt this way, missing people they didn’t know."

These author's comments felt a little empty, so I'm doing these little paragraphs >.> Also, I should've queued this much earlier but yesterday my friends wanted to go to the pool, so I ended up forgetting. Oops ^^;

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"The largest of the two, Mahiran and Tyrr, brought them all into an embrace as if to shield them from the battle to come. To the side another watched, leaning against the wall with fondness in his eyes. He did not wish to intrude, but he wanted to enjoy the presence of his friends and family if there was even a small chance he wouldn’t see them again. They noticed him, however, but instead of looking at him in an annoyed manner, they reached out, asking for him to join their circle.

'Muunokhoi, come here,' Yumina said while smiling, something that was rare to see on anyone’s faces in recent days.

He began to make his way over."

Argh! I want to post more, but I don't want to run out of pages so soon >.> Especially now that classes have started again

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Moved into my new apartment this week so I didn't have time to do this week's page until just now XD

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" A little ways away the sound of boots on the cold stone was sounding throughout the otherwise quiet balcony. Yumina noticed them before Tyrr did, though they turned at the same time. There stood the rest of Yumina’s entourage, Lokkemand, who they’ve been beside since childhood, Mahiran, her chief advisor, and the always anxious Isuli, who swore his life to the Kingdom who saved his people."

I like their black outfits ;-;

This is my fantasy webcomic, Runaway Wolves. I have another that recently reached its hundredth page, so check that out!

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Oh noes

Didn't realize two weeks had passed and I hadn't updated x.x Time just flew with me working on future updates for my other webcomic, Runaway Wolves (which you should check out) and with school fast approaching (Also me binge-watching The Untamed ;) )

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"Staring out towards the city below stood two figures, both dressed darkly, their capes billowing with the wind. Their faces showed only enough for others to know not to approach them."

Runaway Wolves is finally restarting ;u; This world has gone through so many changes since I first started coming up with it about 6 years ago ^^; Even when it was on hiatus, it was always my favorite over my other webcomic, Sunny Side, simply because I love fantasy universes so much. For art, I tend to post both on my deviantART (happytiger139) and my twitter (Immortalsword), so feel free to take a look at those

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1 more week until updates for Runaway Wolves starts! While you wait, check out my other webcomic, Sunny Side!
2 more weeks! Don't forget to check out my other webcomic, Sunny Side
One of my friends said the security guard looks like the Hitman XD

Anyways, I'm doing art flight this year (ImmortalSword). I'm on Team Dream, so check me out ;D Also, by August 10th, I will be starting my fantasy webcomic again ;o;

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Who could it be?

A few notes...
One, I got home pretty late last night so I said heck backgrounds >:( Also I spent most of my week reading all of Mo Dao Zu Shi, which I highly recommend, despite it being the reason I was so distracted
Two, the amount of athletes who position their bottled water the wrong way is so funny to me
And last, I'm gonna try releasing my fantasy webcomic again x.x I started rewriting it a small while ago and am happy so far, so watch out for it on August 10th! There's already a drawing or two up on the webcomic itself, so check that out

Anyways, comment and subscribe!
Runaway Wolves will be released in 3 weeks! Check it out as well as my other webcomic, Sunny Side!
4 Weeks until the release of Runaway Wolves on August 10th!
Runaway Wolves will be released on August 10th! Check it out!

Also check out my current webcomic, Sunny Side, a HS BL