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We're back! thanks for the break and Q&A now we are back and in action!
wanna support me? heres my ko-fi:
@Guest: oof thank you!!!!
@M1mgaa: youre darn right ;)
thanks for the questions and allowing me a little break. its back to the story next week!
big oof
Sorry about the break last week, its been rough lol. But as much as i love UC i feel like ive been going nonstop with this comic and I need a TINY break. But I still want to do something for it. So i thought of doing a fun little silly Q&A for next week. Ask the characters all the fun questions you want by comments on here or sending questions over on my tumblr: and ill answer by drawin the characters answering because im tired and just dont care anymore and want to do something fun. ask what you wanna know bout a character and ill answer within what i can unless its a spoiler lol
(you can address in ask with all or just one singular character)

ALSO!!!! I have a Ko-Fi!!! I make this comic for free while I'm also trying to find work for myself, so if you'd like to support me, a tip is always welcome and i truly appreciate it.
my ko-fi:
@Skycicle: thank you <3 and we all wanna know what that lil demon bobcat is up too haha
@samdied: thank you!! and haha hey sure you do what you want lol
@M1mgaa: :'0 thank you so much!!!
not an actual update sorry lol. I've been meaning to post this drawing since it is PRIDE MONTH but also to say: THANK YOU FOR READING!!! its been wonderful to check the site and see the comments and things people are saying. It's really keeping me going in this rough patch im in. I'm sorry i havent answered some of them, its been rough these past couple of weeks but im very thankful.
and yes, just to clarify, gabe is nonbinary lol.
@mememe: gabe is nonbinary and uses they/them but people love misgendering them on this bitch of an earth
@mememe: i use a lot of layers when it comes to this comic to get that painterly effect but its all flat color and texture. but usually I only have one layer when i do the illustrations/covers for this comic. i know there are a few art apps out there that you can use that let you have layers
rip gabe
the premise of this sounds interesting and i love the art style! cant wait for more!
@Quatral: hey youre not wrong
@M1mgaa: because its got A Lot to say
@nycanth: "Demon Bobcat keeps forgetting how many one more thing's they need to say"
@Elaienar: dont we all wish that demon would leave gabe alone
@Loss_of_Motion: that sounds about right and I feel like gabe would definitely do that
@IronDog: oh geez thank you so much!!
whoa! its another whole 4 pages!
and it looks like ive gotten on comic spotlight :O thank you to old and new readers for following along with me in this wild adventure!!! I'm actually thinking of doing a Q&A soon of this, what do ya'll think?