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I'm just trying my best out here
twitter: alex__jpg (its 2 _'s lol)
tumblr: tinyjerkface
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hey!! sorry its just one page and if it looks a bit rushed, its been a busy holiday weekend!
@Gloomyday: hey thats awesome! thank you!!
hey!! its update time and I managed to get two pages done! Thank y'all so much more reading!
HAPPY PRIDE!!! sorry for no update this week, ive been real busy at work and also this weekend was spent with friends at pride!! Hope this makes up for it! I hope everyone had a wonderful pride and you are VALID and WONDERFUL!

I'd also like to say, THANK YOU!! thank you to everyone who reads this webcomic!! I can't believe its been well over a year since I started this project and people are still reading it!!
hey! its update time!
@SKitFox: yeah its been a bit rough but I don't think I'd change a thing! Thank you!!!
@miless: yes!! Thank you! I'm trying my best!
hey! its update time!
guess whos back babey!!!!! i started a new job and moved out so ive been very tired but trying my best to get back on track!!!!!! heres an update for yall!!
Hey!! I really want to say thank everyone for reading!! We just hit 400+ fans on here and thats wild!!! Thank you all for supporting this silly comic!!!!!!!!
@miless: ahhh!!!! thank you!!!! i love getting these comments they make my day!
@Karz88: it was just cut off.
oh hmmm..... its update day!
hey! its update time! Thank you all for reading, i really appreciate all comments I get!! Though, soon I will probably take a bit of a break from the comic (hopefully only a week) life is getting crazy and I feel like i need a bit of a breather...
@SKitFox: oh wow, thank you so much!!!! I'm just trying my best!!
Hey its update time!!! sorry its a bit late, but what can you do?
anyway, thanks for reading!!!!
@Jedipikachu9009: it sure is 👀
hey!!! its update day!!! i managed two pages surprisingly!!!!! thank you all for reading!!!!
@Nightfall: omg thank you so much!!!!