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i've got a cute gf and that's all i need in life

i love and appreciate all comments left on my comics! i usually get real bad social anxiety when it comes to responding to them (so i normally don't), but please know that I read and cherish every single one <3
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September 30th, 2019
tl;dr I've been extremely busy with uni the past few weeks with two jobs and an internship, the comic's update schedule is kinda in flux until everything settles. No official hiatus or anything, but updates will be infrequent.
chatot, they can't fail, they're the main characters!

Sorry for the late update, I did a lot of travelling for a week and then immediately had to move back into my dorm at my uni, and throughout all that my tablet had to be shipped back home since there wasn't room for it on the train! I've got everything situated again though, so we should be back on schedule for now. Thanks for your patience!
I just read through this for the first time, and I gotta say that I'm actually very impressed with how this story is handled in such a short timeframe! I can't imagine ever pulling off a comic that had these sorts of stakes in only 36 pages. It gave me really nice nostalgic vibes of one-off mangas I would read as a kid!
uh oh papa's home
where rune's bones are completely pulverized

By the by, a little birdie told me that OBT's chapter 1 is getting a facelift, and that folks who support me on Patreon get to see pages as they're completed! I'll talk more about it with next week's update (though I will mention real quick that this won't affect the upload schedule for Chapter 2 content at all, so don't worry about that).
sweats nervously
@DarkFireEevee: It's mountain standard time, you can also google it if you need more clarification!
malachi, actually being competent?? color me surprised
that bruise isn't looking great, rune!
sorry yall rune's dead mollie is the main character now

In other news, this Saturday I will be streaming a speedrun of PMD: EOS! I'll post about it again on the day of, but the plan is to start streaming at 1:00 PM MST and stopping either when I reach Chapter 10 of the game or at 5:00 PM. Hope to see you guys there, I'll be making another post the day it happens!
@Tehpikachu: bro you had me at the chimera and the ghost mom and the fusion and the legendary main characters and the non-canon magic system but you lost me at fantasy gun
i dunno malachi i think that lileep deserved a free hit, you fried her up pretty good
gamma is a nerd and i love her expressions on this page hhh
that wasn't a great first impression, no
amazing malachi, you saved her from fall damage just to shock her to death, nice going i'm sure she loved that
turns out the orb was... useless!
you really shouldn't try to grab something when you don't even have fingers, smh
We're finally back! Sorry for the wait, got a little caught up. Now that it's summer though, I should be getting back on the update train!

Sometimes, a big tree can just materialize out of nowhere and split a cliff in half. No big deal.

Edit: mystery dungeons also accidentally made this page very big! I fixed that