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Your comic is cute so far! A friend of mine and I especially love the Espeon's expression in the first panels!
January 18th, 2018
explodes because flu fucked up my buffer schedule

pls pretend this came out on time

by the way, we have a tumblr now!
"alexandria rolls off the tongue but you know where that tongue should be"
Cover Edit 1!
Hey all! Instead of an update this week, I bring to you an updated cover! Seeing how I don't think anyone will get a notification for this, this announcement is for naught ha haaa... Regardless, cover has a slight style update as well as updated character designs!
hi I want to adopt hypno as my mom, or at least buy her a coffee?? I love her so much, she deserves more for handling these unprepared kids as delicately as she can manage
@Fire storm: Should be updated now! I've been meaning to update it for a while now, forgot to paste the new link in the author comment. Should be fixed now!
sorry if this looks weird i did this entire page during a train ride hkdfghdkj

yes, the blank speech bubbles are on purpose, have some faith in me, i know what i'm doing
@♡: The main problem with that I think is the HTML theme I'm using, and has been brought up by several other users before. I'm currently working on a new HTML code for a different theme that will allow mobile users to read the comic without a hitch, but until then you might have to read with one of the mirrors. Sorry! ^^'
@Skyfoxfirebreather: Added to the list!
December 5th, 2017
@Guest: Alolan Vulpix, though there were *cough* a few liberties taken in the design. It should be a bit more apparent once she starts gaining more tails (as she only has one for now).
November 28th, 2017
dang two single panel updates in a row

pls don't murder me it's the holidays
November 28th, 2017
Featuring old art from months ago god help me

Sorry for the single panel page but I swear it's to convey a mood
(the mood is lazy)
November 28th, 2017
Yes her wounds are technically closed, they only look like they're bleeding because of water runoff over the blood. *sweats nervously*

btw i see you, you dirty shippers

Thanks to my friend Pika for beta reading chapters 1 and 2!
November 27th, 2017
I don't know what you expected Malachi, you zap someone and it clearly is gonna spook them.
November 26th, 2017
god I love this hypno so much, they would make a great mom and i just want to buy them a coffee for their troubles ;w;
November 22nd, 2017

Hey all, here's an update finally =w=

Only downside is that I don't think I'm considering the hiatus "over" yet, but I've been sitting on this update for well over a month now and couldn't stand the wait any longer. So here's a little page to tide you over until I'm finally ready to officially come out of hiatus! If you want pages ahead of time or to see WIPs of future pages, considering becoming a Patron on my Patreon!
This sounds like a job for Mewtwo's p u n c h form
'tis but a flesh wound