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i've got a cute gf and that's all i need in life

i love and appreciate all comments left on my comics! i usually get real bad social anxiety when it comes to responding to them (so i normally don't), but please know that I read and cherish every single one <3
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you really shouldn't try to grab something when you don't even have fingers, smh
We're finally back! Sorry for the wait, got a little caught up. Now that it's summer though, I should be getting back on the update train!

Sometimes, a big tree can just materialize out of nowhere and split a cliff in half. No big deal.

Edit: mystery dungeons also accidentally made this page very big! I fixed that
Solving a mystery like two good friends, sounds like another detective duo we all know and love :3c
@Guest: lol
@orgostevani: Yeah it has been! I'll be updating again next week, this week I've just been catching up on commissioned artwork that I haven't been able to work on for far too long. I passed all my classes though, and got all those papers done! Nothing stands in my way now in working on this comic >:) This summer will probably give me the most amount of free time I've ever had during the summer, so it'll be a nice opportunity to work on it all again!
@rodneysux69: you KNOW what up
Hey everybody! Sorry that there's no update this week, I've gotten really wrapped up in finals and wrapping up this year at school. I have about 40 pages worth of essay writing that I need to have done by next week (yikes!), and also have been trying to wrap things up in the wake of my dad passing away (mostly things like getting his death certificate, distributing ashes to family members, planning his celebration of life, etc.)

Usually I'd let my buffer take over for something like this, but I ran out of buffer in early April after losing my dad unexpectedly and I had to take a break from doing art. That said though, once I'm out of school I plan on rebuilding that buffer! I'll try to have an update out next week (I can't really promise anything though with how wild this term has been), and I'm excited to see you all then!

Also a note, I plan on reopening commissions soon to help family pay for cremation costs, if you might be interested in those, keep an eye out for a news update within the next week or two!
time for rain, and time to whip this test real easy!
Apologies for the late update on this one, I forgot to queue it due to some rough irl circumstances. May or may not update next week, I'll be sure to let you guys know!
@Gman: my cast page right now is neopets because I was taking a peek at their code and trying to experiment with something, I have yet to revert it back though. I'll get around to it eventually! In the meantime you can enjoy the horrifying html disaster going on there right now.
@BudgieGryphon: It never was an April Fool's joke, it's the placeholder I've had there for a while now while I work on updating the real cast page lmao
I'll be changing it soon though! I almost have the new profiles ready.
@Guest: If you mean the April Fool's link, I have that fixed. If you mean the page itself, I'm working on a new image hosting site since my previous one didn't work out, but it's gonna take a bit of time to overhaul.
April Foole, you all are very very clever and saw straight through my little ploy, OBT isn't getting a preboot reboot. For those of you that want to see the archived April Fool's page though, you can check it out here!
@rodneysux69: well you see when a flaaffy and a minccino love each other very m
@rodneysux69: both, she's an ultra powerfule hybrid uwuwuwuwwuwuwuwuwuwuwu
thanks to the concern from the public, we have made a GoFundMe for chatot's rude bitch disease. please donate to give him life-saving surgery
@PastelWhile: Ohhh dang that must be a problem with the site where I host my images. This was the first page where I switched them over, though they still show up for me so I thought it was working out. Are you reading on mobile or on computer?
He's the one that gets to call the shots, at the end of the day!
Upsetting the guildmaster is a one way ticket to hell
@Blaze01: I'm hoping for one! We'll see how it goes though