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Hey all, here's an update finally =w=

Only downside is that I don't think I'm considering the hiatus "over" yet, but I've been sitting on this update for well over a month now and couldn't stand the wait any longer. So here's a little page to tide you over until I'm finally ready to officially come out of hiatus! If you want pages ahead of time or to see WIPs of future pages, considering becoming a Patron on my Patreon!

PMD Smackjeeves Discord:
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This sounds like a job for Mewtwo's p u n c h form
'tis but a flesh wound

Rhydon better be ready to apologize for plowing down Muro. That aside, they're also the first and only pokemon shown in the comic who might have heard her speak so this could be interesting!
I like this so far! Noora's design is super cute, and I think it's interesting that you're starting the comic at this point in the story, it works surprisingly well! Good luck with your reboot ^-^
@Dusk726: Oh, I remember seeing her but for some reason she wasn't on my list! Thanks for reminding me, I must have forgotten to add her at the time. She's listed now, though!
Have I mentioned how much I love butterfree's design update? Because HOT DANG does it show how far you've come in improving! I've always wondered why Gamefreak is so afraid of giving bug pokemon 6 legs like they deserve, this seems like a perfect blend of irl studies and fantasy elements. I would let butterfree eat me with those mandibles.

Everything else is as fantastic as ever, keep up the good work! (p.s., I need to know where I can get my own fluffy Milo baby aaaaa)
@TheGreatEmad: Your submission has been added to the list! It's not that Riolus aren't allowed or anything haha, just that they may take a while to appear since I have so many on my list.

As for the reboot, the main PMD: Explorers of Sky plot will be similar, but smaller subplots will be radically different. The main reason for this is because I'm basing the plot of this comic on completely different gameplay. That means that recruited teammates, deaths, and even dungeons explored will be different! The two comics will seem similar for about the first 10-15 pages or so, but after that is when the first noticeable changes will appear (for example, Rune and Malachi will not be living at the guild).
@GuyroMaster + @Dusk726: I've been trying to figure out a way to get comments to work properly, but haven't had much luck in doing so. If you're able to reply to this comment, I can get the cameos that way, and if not, you can post them on the DA mirror:
August 10th, 2017
This has become one of my favorite comics
kickflips in

@sirintellegence: Yeah, I got them. Cameos don't tend to need a bunch of lore behind them, I usually use them to pad out crowd scenes. That said, your submission is on the list!
@Redd : Added to the list!
@Aura flame: Added to the list!
@CrypticNmad: Added to the list!
@WinkyGoMoo: Added to my list!
@Flamel: Added to the list as well!