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i've got a cute gf and that's all i need in life

i love and appreciate all comments left on my comics! i usually get real bad social anxiety when it comes to responding to them (so i normally don't), but please know that I read and cherish every single one <3
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hey y'all remember when josie blew up the school
(that might be an exaggeration)

This week's fanart is for SilverLunarwing's comic, Shinka: The Last Eevee! It recently rebooted, and already has shown to have a pretty interesting start!

You can read it here!
@ScienceGamer01: It's all good, they've been added to the list!
@Tennantstar: He's been added to the list!
@JoeytheShuppet: Been added to the list!
@Toasternoodle Youtube: Aaaah, it's fantastic! You guys did a really great job on it, I love your interpretation! ;w;

I was so giddy with excitement listening to it that I had to pause to compose myself every minute or so. I'm glad you guys were big enough fans to do this, it means the world to me!
April 17th, 2018
hey i don't comment on this comic often enough, but i just wanted to say that it really has left an impact on me. though simplistic in nature, the mood of it is something that i really appreciate. subtle and humorous in its own way, i like reading it whenever i'm feeling bummed, it really lifts my spirits.

and with that i leave you a present:
For this week's fanart, I finally got around to making something for grubbyman3's comic, leafeon comic! It's a really nicely done sort of clipart comic that's really soothing to read. It's one of my favorites to re-read if I'm feeling sad or melancholic. Really underrated, I recommend you check it out!

You can read it here!
@Toasternoodle Youtube: Feel free to! I look forward to seeing your interpretation. Just drop me a link to the dub when you finish it!
oops, a little late on this one. I accidentally forgot what day it was, haha

This week's fanart is for Nekomata-chans comic, Pokemon Rising Shadows! Neko's lighting and coloring is always on point, I hope I did the comic justice ;w;

You can find it here!

(Her comic has also been added as an affiliate, you can find her banner as well as others at the bottom of this page!)

That aside, OBT is now being hosted on Tapas! I'll be posting chapters there as they're completed for those who like to binge in one long scroll.
Aw, these two deserve happiness ;w; This is the sort of character interaction I love to see in comics. Big soft prank man just wants to lay back and have fun!

I also wanted to say your backgrounds have been absolutely stunning so far! They really make everything pop to life, the marketplace looks like somewhere that I'd actually be able to go and visit. All the intricate little details, the townsfolk walking around, every bit counts.

All in all, this has been a blast to follow so far! While I only was able to binge the original once, I can see your passion for this retelling shine through. I'm excited to see where you'll take these familiar faces!
Man I hope you all know by now that the furry reboot is an April Fool's thing. If not (or you just weren't aware it was a thing period), feel free to look back a page or two!

With that out of the way, this week's fanart is for Agent Nein's comic, Milos From Home! If you haven't read it yet, it has some wild improvement with the art that's been fun to watch grow and develop over time, as well as a lovable fightboy and dork duo. It's another PMD nuzlocke comic, so if you like PMD and death, it's another one you can follow!

You can find it here if you'd haven't read it yet!
@♡: Pretty close! They're in the same family as snapdragons!
While you all are waiting for the next chapter to begin, I thought each Tuesday I'd share some fanart I've made for some of my favorite Pokemon comics on Smackjeeves! I'd super recommend checking them out, so check back here each Tuesday for a new feature!

This is a little bit of fanart I did for TehPikachu's comic, The Stars Shine Bright! It's a really well-done story with fantastic characters, appealing art, and is just about ready to pop off with some wild story things! So if you haven't read it yet, now's the time to do so >:3c

You can read it here if you haven't yet!
At the time of its birth, Vulpix has one white tail. The tail separates into six if this Pokémon receives plenty of love from its trainer.

crawls out of the pits of despair
hey guys sorry this page is 1,000 years late, i finally got my midterms over with which ended up eating a lot of my free time. But hey, this chapter is finally completed! Rune gets a new tail and slightly resembles a more proper Vulpix.

bonus challenge: can you guess all of the flora found on this page?

Now that we've completed a chapter, I'm gonna take a small break for a few weeks so I can build a buffer so the lovely folks supporting my Patreon can get some more content! This shouldn't be a very long hiatus, but if you want pages sooner I recommend scooting over there to get some more content.

I don't have an exact date planned for my return, but I do want to make sure that I have a minimum 5 page buffer before I start posting public updates again. See you guys soon, hopefully!
@Sapphire: Technically it should be, but I've been working on my university assignments instead of the comic so pages might come a day or two late. This week's update should be out either later today or tomorrow!
screams into the void

sorry this is late, midterms got in the way. Hopefully I'll still be able to do the double update for March thing, but I might have to push it back. We'll see.
@Sapphire: Malachi's story on how he's only partially evolved will come up later in-comic.

As for Rune, I hadn't originally intended for her to appear shiny, I just liked the slightly pink hue more than blue. I didn't even know what the shiny sprite for Alolan Vulpix was, haha. I don't really have a canon answer for it at this point, but in-comic she probably isn't considered shiny by other pokemon. She'll look less pink in subsequent pages, she just looks like it right now because of the sunset colors.
February 20th, 2018
thank god we're out of pastel pink sunset hell
unfortunately we've only moved on to vaguely purple sunset hell

First page with cameos! There'll be more near the beginning of Chapter 2.

•WinkyGoMoo's Alyssa the Helioptile and Tony the Buizel
•Tehpikachu's pokesona
•(and my Mismagius sona)

By the by, I've finally got a blurb for the comic! It's on the comic's profile, but I'll post it here for those of you who don't feel like trekking back to that.

A painted sunset stretches across the sky of a cool summer evening, and the world is dying. Only Malachi, a partially evolved Shinx appointed by "Maelstrom", is able to help save it. Though, when he finds a mute Alolan Vulpix he names Rune cast out in the sea, he finds he may be involved in something much greater, much larger, and much more sinister than he bargained for.
February 18th, 2018

I screamed out loud when I saw this update, it's good to see you back! I hope you've been doing well uwu

I love the way you've been choreographing this fight scene, , it's always fun seeing pokemon's abilities being used in interesting ways. I hope Zefir and Aristo make it out of this one in one piece!
February 13th, 2018
this page was both rushed and done on a train! I may come back later to edit some things like last time.

Mystery vulpix now has a name! Meet Rune! (Again, for some of you.)