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These two...
I believe they're Gary's parents, seein as they resemble him and Daisy
So, Harpan was there that day, huh? Interesting. Wonder when Doug and Brom will be reunited.

Keep It Up!
@Mini: Hey, that's hell you're walking into.
Okay, now I really want to know what in the Distortion World did Daisy do to traumatize Gary.
@HonorBoundFate: *rages because it's fucking untouchable*
I noticed 'em
Good thinking in making graves for your dignity and Pokémon Z
That was an interesting way to win a Gym Battle. Question: Is Doug going to continue the running gag of wearing different clothes to every Gym? That really got me curious.
True that. A running gag that's not really a running gag. Anyways, can't wait for the Vs. Koga battle. And, will we see more "Anzu Lenzu" moments? Only time (And eworm) will tell.
I don't care, I'll read this beautiful masterpiece, and die happy when it ends,knowing I've read such a brilliant webcomic.
I don't care.
Reboot it. Cancel it. Abandon it and leave it to rot. No matter what you do, this webcomic is my definite favorite in Smackjeeves. All because of the story, the characters, the premise, the art style, everything! I'll be waiting patiently for the february 28 update. Because I have absolute certainty it'll be awesome. And never forget, because you wrote such an awesome webcomic, you're awesome as well, eworm.
Just asking: Do they have a Burn Heal? Because they are in desperate need for one. Shane just overthrowed Dusk as my favorite character of this comic.
Team Aqua? You messed up royally. Prepare for the triple Crys, Gold and Ruby beatdown.(Yep, i remember that Ruby went after Team Aqua)
@Nosh Ware: Oh yeah, Jason and the Argonauts! Plus the greek paradise, Elysium, and the greek hero Theseus, king of Athens
YES! A SSEC PAGE EXACTLY ON MY BIRTHDAY! Plus good job, Blizz's face(And Dusk's) is priceless!
Omg, Gold in the background is HILARIOUS. I cant take my eyes off him!
That hug was Onixpected. But it worked anyways. I swear, if Crys had the strenght to punch Gold it would be funny as hell(Yeah, i love to see Crys beat up Gold)
I KNEW IT! I FUCKING KNEW IT! Team Magma better run for their lives! (Except Maxie, he's probably gonna die)
Its only me, or Silver looks like Clemont on the last two panels?