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Just asking: Do they have a Burn Heal? Because they are in desperate need for one. Shane just overthrowed Dusk as my favorite character of this comic.
Team Aqua? You messed up royally. Prepare for the triple Crys, Gold and Ruby beatdown.(Yep, i remember that Ruby went after Team Aqua)
@Nosh Ware: Oh yeah, Jason and the Argonauts! Plus the greek paradise, Elysium, and the greek hero Theseus, king of Athens
YES! A SSEC PAGE EXACTLY ON MY BIRTHDAY! Plus good job, Blizz's face(And Dusk's) is priceless!
Omg, Gold in the background is HILARIOUS. I cant take my eyes off him!
That hug was Onixpected. But it worked anyways. I swear, if Crys had the strenght to punch Gold it would be funny as hell(Yeah, i love to see Crys beat up Gold)
I KNEW IT! I FUCKING KNEW IT! Team Magma better run for their lives! (Except Maxie, he's probably gonna die)
Its only me, or Silver looks like Clemont on the last two panels?
Shit's about to go down. Like always
@Liokora: Pikachu and Raichu can learn Mega Punch and Mega Kick from move tutors in FR/LG
CRYS' ROYAL BEATDOWN ON TEAM MAGMA IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!! KICK THEIR ASSES, CRYS! Oh, and don't forget to do a "messatsu" on Courtney like you did with Gold in Johto
Team Magma is really pissed. That reference tho
@Guest: Maxie is pissed off! Maxie's attack rose! Maxie became confused!
Gold is actually doing his job now
@wedward45: You are fucking right. Shit is about to happen
i am cheering for x-rad...
When is the next one???
I'm dying of expectation!!!