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Uh oh. What´s going to happen next??!
Is this comic over? I really don´t know, lol
@Tehpikachu: The eevee with the glasses looks like a younger version of my character.
@StarlightNexus-Chan: Imagine her schock learning the Snivy´s true origins, lol
Aha! Main character #2?
@Brainlesseevee2: Is that a jontron reference? XD Lol
Geez, the normal, happy-go-lucky smile really adds to the creepiness levels.
@ATrueDonaldist: A giant flying bagel will save out hero! :3


I am so weird...
@Midnight_Riceballs101: Happy birthday! Mine is in two days!!!!
@LightEclipse: This is awesome, so excited!!!
I am really excited to see where this goes. I am definitely following this!
The backgrounds, man. They are excellent.

*Slowly backs out of the room*
October 14th, 2017
Dawww, that´s really cute ^^
This is so sad! T-T Nevertheless, excellent work, I am once more intrigued.
This comic is so interesting, I love it!
Omg, yes! I have been waiting so long for This to come out! @thebradyiceeevee02 , your comic is awesome! Keep up the great work!
@EeveeEon No worries! I am interested for more, but take all the time you need!