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Get better soon, comrade. We shall be waiting.

Anyways, anyone got any good theories on the new plot? I assume a few of the core storyboard ideas will remain similar, but we can obviously expect much more.

*Squeuals in delight* Ahh, I'm so excited dude!
These two are just the best. I read many different comics, but I can honestly say they are the best socially awkward partners in crime I have met. Excellent work, sir.

And as for commenting, don't worry about it. We all get busy, it's understandable. The fact that you are consistently updating one of my personal favorite comics is more than enough.


@ultrawandit: Hey now, don't worry about it. I was simply saying they are cute together. Please don't feel bad over it. :)
@ultrawandit: Well, I mean. That's simply my opinion. I am sure that it is probably not the thing that will happen, but a guy can dream.
Happy Anniversary, Park of Plutonia! You've been one of my favorite series to follow. Here's to another great year!
@SilverLunarwing You don't understand how much this comic means to me. You cannot IMAGINE how much this means to me that this comic is coming back with a new story, and a new comic, and in a way, a new artist. This comic was the first Eeveeolution comic that got me into loving Eeveeolutions. This comic was the comic that made me wonder "Could I draw too...?" This comic made me want to write stories, it helped me find a place in the world, and it lead me to find so many other great comics. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so glad you are back, and will be following your journey every step of the way, and I am so glad you are okay.

Luna and Kalvin are the best ship. End of story, lol.
My heart
Ouch, this hurts....
This comic kills me sometimes.
OOOOOOOOH!!!! I am now intrigued even more!!!
Wow....this page just...awesome....I'm legitimately blown away at how absolutely stunning this comic never fails to be, stupendous work.
Happy Birthday Pilot! You are one of my favorite comics together, you keep doing you!
Cute, lol. Excellent work, looking forward to see what this comic has to offer!
No, don't! She's just a kid, you fool!
I am surprised people think Kalvin is a girl. I always saw him as male, to be perfectly fair. Anyways, I totally ship these two, they are adorable. This comic, it's style and storyteling are delightful. Keep up the good work! ^^
Wow, I guess his reputation is that marred, huh?

Anyways, I think my favorite part of this scene is the sunset, it's really pretty. Excellent work, looking forward to the next page.
R.I.P. I can relate to pilots "O-O" face here XD. Also, whoever Lindsey is definitely made a mistake, you are epic, sister! @HyperDanger excellent comic as per usual, keep up the good work. Also, Pilot is awesome. Just saying~
I love this comic. The art style is awesome, and the lighting with the eyes, and some of the elements just speaks to me. Plus, it updates a lot! Awesome work, guys! ^^
@ultrawandit: Haha, not a bad thing, looking forward to the next page. Excellent work.
This page is cozy, indeed. I love these two so much, they are a really neat partners.