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I know this is kind of obvious, but wow, people here are definitely hiding stuff. Heheheh. That's fine by me. Now I have even more material to work with for my vid- uh. Nothing! I said nothing!

No all seriousness, however, you gotta feel bad for Blizz. He's got amnesia, his brother thinks he Dosent love him (out of jealousy), even thought he very obviously does, and nobody tells him anything. They treat him like an idiot! I know how that feels... And that's when you prove them wrong.

Oh geez, sorry for the paragraph of writing...
No one but Pinkeevee222 will get this. Sorry world, it's a inside story!
Wow, how long has that jar of mayo been there?
@LittleMoons: I know, total random stranger that I TOTALLY don't know. ... That was sarcasm, in canes you can't tell.
@LittleMoons: Oh, hello friend. It's me, Jolteon!
@Pinkeevee222 , I have a problem!! So, you remember the SSEC story I was writing, correct? Well, I came into my room earlier on today to find one of my families dogs had eaten all 3 pages. 3, back-to-back-covered-in-writing pages of SSEC goodness. Gone. Digested. That took me like a week to write and edit! Now, I'm back to the drawing board. Literally. Well, it wasn't a complete waste. I had wanted to fix some parts of it, and I guess I've been given my chance.
As usual this comic is muking amazing!! I have more awesome drawing ideas! Oh, and @Pinkeevee222 , I may be sending some SSEC fanart on Monday or Tuesday. Its really bad, so perpare thyself to cringe!!!
@Pinkeevee222, I've been a huge fan of you series since the 3rd comic, and i need to ask a favor. Is their a character from you series I could borrow for mine? Credit will be given, and if you say yes, it would mean the world to me. Thanks, Breezy.
The Feels are reals :(
That moment when you realize you have only commented once on the entire series, and you've been reading since episode3. That's me.... XD
I give you the best comic in the multiverse. Kudos to you PinkEevee, you have earned my utmost respect. Then again, my respect probably means nothing to you. XD