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Cyril acts like a younger sibling tho Petunia is Faaaar much younger than him, I love it XD
Damn, why Cyril has to be so fabulous, he looks so goo.. okay never mind
Dear Nozmo, I'm just glad you're safe and sound in one piece, I'm so happy you came back and seeing the story continued makes me so, SO HAPPY, it was first webcomic I started reading for real and this is the story which started my adventure with webcomics. Of course I felt sad about TAPV disappearing but you coming back and finishing the story means the world to me. I love the story and I love it's characters. I wish you best wishes there are for you and I hope we can finish the adventure together 😊
(Also I found out TAPV is continued on my almost bday so best bday present from internet ever)
Also, if I could I'd give you the biggest hug and a chocolate bar 😋 take good care of yourself, I'm so glad you came back to us 💗
The attempt to cursing Cyril makes will always crack me up, I love that guy
Meredith was such a cute child back then, sassy and kinda petty but still adorable, I'm glad that some of his traits stayed with him, such as sassiness XD
Nozmo, are you really back? Are you alright? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the updates, I'm so freaking glad you're back and you're okay, I missed you so bad!
Majestic Lioness
February 14th, 2018
oh gosh i knew it it was yrkki's sister XD i loled
Is it just me or the page doesn't show? :/ aaw man, i was waiting for the page so long and now i can't see anything :C
hahaha that's a not good way to start a relationship but I guess they have plenty of time~~
I've seen what u did there XDXD hahahaha love the reference XP