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Oh how I love you girl with purple hair. I have the same reaction.
Big ol trump lookalike meanie...
@amanduur: Its alright. You need good grades and to get them is to study. We all have or are in school and understand. You can do it! :)
He really is in love with Momo, he thinks they are good now...Though Momo is planning to break his heart as revenge and he doesn't know *cries in corner* GAWD MY HEART
He has no sense of direction, does he?
I'm dead from a serious case of the fangirls
*Fangirl mode activated* EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! THAT LAST PANEL!!!
I knew he was gay cuz he acted flustered about it, but he liKES LIKES CHIP
Scuse me mister I think you owe us an answer
*Cries in corner*
0-0 Uh oh
Why can't he leave Chip alone already?!?